June 11th, 2003

Wedding day

Pigs and Ponies

So it's my birthday today. Yep. Wah hoo.

Actually, that probably sounds like I'm depressed. I'm not. I'm in a pretty good mood. We're having a casual day at work (albeit one that I had to pay to participate in), and I've received lotsa cool stuff.

This morning when I came in to work, I discovered that my cubicle, as always had been decorated. Actually, I have a weird history of that happening. See, everybody gets their cubicle decorated on their birthday, but thanks to a couple of overzealous coworkers, I seem to get it worse than most people. Last year they sent around a sheet asking everybody for their two favorite colors. I put down blue and green. Well, as it turns out, these colors ended up being the streamers used for birthday decorations. Did I get blue and green? Heck no. I got so many pink and purple streamers that you had to duck to get into my cube, and I had to cut them off my chair, phone and computer monitor. There was so much confetti that I had to bring the vacuum upstairs to clean it up, and the pieces were cut so large that I spent the better part of the afternoon unplugging the vacuum. Later in the year, I got other decorations for no particular reason, which confused everybody else who thought I'd already had a birthday.

But today. Today's different. Today I came in to find my cubicle empty, with a sign that said "YOU DON'T WORK HERE." The brief search for my stuff led me to Meli-- I mean, the Absolute Epitome of Gorgeous' cube. My stuff was all in the cube next to hers. I've been moving it back, and holy jeepers, I didn't realize how much crap I keep at my desk. Here's the list:

  • Groucho Marx Glasses, unopened
  • 2 in 1 Puzzle and Bowling Game, unopened
  • Turbo Racer! Stunt Car, unopened
  • See 'n' Say Junior
  • Super Underwater Space Challenge Handheld Game
  • Pencil Puzzle
  • Matchbox car
  • Mad Libs candy dish
  • No Nonsense Sheer-To-Waist Beige Pantyhose, Size B, unopened
  • A picture of four grapes wearing sunglasses
  • A card from Mother Fool's Coffeehouse
  • Blue Oyster Cult Spectres Tour 1978 Button
  • Brain Surgeons Astronomy Button
  • Headphones
  • Alcatraz: The Rock shot glass
  • Super Broccoli Man poster
  • Calendar
  • New Orleans Coaster
  • Kit Peak National Observatory magnet
  • Spongebob Squarepants Handheld Water Games Party Favors, unopened
  • Colin and the Ice Queens poster
  • Fast and Furious Award
  • Hot Shots Team Award
  • Ultimate Footballer Award
  • First Place Off To The Races Award
  • The Cheesiest Award
  • Most Creative Smiley Sack Award
  • Mad Libs from like, eighteen months ago
  • Creepy pictures of ex-girlfriend, which I forgot I had
  • Where's Karen? sign
  • Two Brownie Points
  • One Demerit
  • Eight Not-A-Brownie Points
  • Photograph of Richard Nixon
  • Numerous letters from incredibly stupid cardholders
  • Paper cup full of pennies
  • Paper cup full of pulled staples
  • Blockade Handheld Video Game
  • Postcard from Arizona
  • Certificate of Racial Handicap
  • Music By Which To Tear One's Own Flesh With A Lobster Fork by Terri Gurdi
  • Numerous plastic eggs
  • That Harlequin romance novel I promised Heather I'd read just to get the experience of reading a trashy romance novel
  • Six (6) plastic Easter eggs
  • One (1) entry into the Easter Bonnet Competition
  • Paper plates
  • Rubber duck
  • Suave Aloe Vera Enriched Lotion
  • Barrettes
  • Valentine's Day candy dish
  • Halloween candy dish
  • Tin toy train
  • A sock
  • A Christmas stocking
  • A stuffed snowman
  • Another stuffed snowman
  • Photograph of economist Joan Robinson doing her Granddaddy Ice Kreem pose
  • Toothbrush

And that's just the stuff I'm not using to do my work. It doesn't even include the much of the stuff I keep in the drawers at my desk. I feel like I work in Pee Wee's friggin' Playhouse. And I love it. Most of those things, incidentally, were gifts from coworkers. I remember the last time I moved my desk (January), I brought a lot of that stuff home. And now there's more of it.

Anyway, tonight I'm seeing Da Vinci's Notebook at Luther's Blues. Oughta be fun. Anyway, I should probably do some real work.