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Still sick, still long winded, still trying to convince myself that I like Billy Idol.

Wow. Being sick really sucks.

I guess this probably goes without saying for most of you, but it always surprises me just how much I don't enjoy having a real excuse to take sick time.

Yes, I was going to take sick time today. I ended up doing just that, but not until an hour and a half before I normally leave work. My plan, of course, had been not to go to work at all, and I did call my boss, but then two things happened to change my mind. The events in question will not be discussed here because they are of a somewhat sensitive nature, but they're also not scandalous or interesting so you're not missing anything. In light of those events, I decided that staying home would prevent me from getting any rest, so I left my boss a second voicemail telling her to disregard the first one, took a very quick shower, and got to work only a couple of minutes late.

The interim between my arriving late and then leaving early was spent mostly sitting at my desk and spacing out. It wasn't the medication that made me lose my concentration -- I didn't take anything until after I got home. Come to think of it, not having taken anything was probably what did me in. I could probably handle a simple cold, but those who know me also know my ridiculous sleep problems. The last three nights have been spent mostly awake, I've been going through my days in a stupor. I used up all my witty while I was on the phone with talking to someone named Darcy about my car payment. The brain can only manufacture so much witty when it's experiencing fatigue, so I'm gonna need a good night's sleep before I can write an entertaining livejournal post.

Once I got home, I took a short nap, which is probably why I feel a lot better right now. I took some expired pseudoephedrine (Zorba Pastor says that's okay), and watched the extra features on RJ's DVD of Near Dark. Then I tried to compose some music, but it just hasn't happened. October's MP3 may be late in coming, or it may be something really old because none of what I've been working on is anything I want to share during such an auspicious month.

I think I'm going to leave my boss a preemptive voicemail informing her that I probably won't be in tomorrow, and then I'm going to watch something. I'm not sure what, but I know I'm going to need to be awake for a while longer if I'm going to make a serious attempt at sleeping through the night. Last night I borrowed Near Dark from RJ. He accosted me on the night I moved in and told me I should see it. It's a vampire/western from the late '80s, and was in production around the same time as The Lost Boys which is cheesier but easier to sit through. I'll concede that I'm probably not in the best state to appreciate a good movie, but Near Dark seemed to move at a sluggish pace and really didn't do anything for me. Well, actually, the soundtrack was good, but it's also long been out of print. I'm not about to shell out $80 for a used CD.

Anyway, I'm gonna sit by my phone for awhile. RJ is picking up a heroin addicted friend from her dealer's house and taking her somewhere to get some help. RJ is an enormous guy (he works as a bouncer, fercryinoutloud), but he's not too comfortable with the situation (particularly the place where he's meeting his friend), so he's taken a baseball bat with him and asked me to keep my phone handy just in case.

Since my conversation with RJ reminded of it, I'm listening to Billy Idol's cover of the Velvet Underground song Heroin. Is anybody else familiar with it? It's either pretty good or the most wretched cover ever recorded, and I can't figure out which one it is. It's like wordwrap -- the scale has two extremes, and I think the song might be so far to one side that it automagically registers on the other.
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