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Rambo would look sexier if he dressed like me.

Today has been long and completely unproductive. I did actual genuine work up until about 9:30 AM, after which I had to truck across town to the Expensive, Boring Luncheon For People Involved in United Way.

That's not actually what it's called.

It was just a recognition banquet, but it took four hours out of my workday. There was a time when I would've liked to lose four hours, but presently it's a hassle because I have things on my desk that need to be taken care of. I have Visa and MasterCard timeframes to take into account. Have I seen a fax from an illiterate cardholder? Did I rekey that system reject? Am I putting the correct covers on my TPS reports? Where the hell are the last six pages of this representment from a carpet store in Boise?

Generally these issues are manageable. A four-hour luncheon sets me back a bit.

Anyway, it was a Fancy Dress sort of affair, so I wore a suit and tie and was still underdressed. One of these days I will probably go back to wearing nothing but suits and ties. Today is not the day. Anyway, the meal was reasonably good -- baked salmon with rice and green beans. Lettuce salad. Sysco cheesecake with raspberry sauce. Weak coffee. It was free. I have no real complaints. The girl I went with, however, doesn't eat vegetables or fish. She ate lots of bread, part of her salad, and a bite of cheesecake. She did not enjoy the meal. The program consisted of a few speakers -- local personalities, CEOs, etc. Lots of awards were given out (we didn't receive one, though).

After the meal, we took the scenic route back to work, and stopped at a little store where I picked up about a pound and a half of Gouda. Mmmmmm, Gouda. Now I'm back at work frantically racing through the things I usually get done by 11:00, while wearing my necktie around my head, hence the subject of this post. Aren't you glad you take time out of your day to read my livejournal?

Tonight I go to Madison East High School to see my cousin perform in A Midsummer Night's Dream. I should attend more theater performances. A few years ago when I was fresh out of high school, my friends were all actors or tech people, and I attended several different shows a month. These days though, I only regularly attend Broom Street. High School productions used to be cool, but last year all of my friends who would be involved in such things graduated. I should start singing again. I should start acting again. I should start writing and drawing again. I should stop saying these things and do them.

Anyway, yeah. That's my day so far. Oh, and not that anyone's mentioned it, but yes, I am familiar with the lj-cut tag. No, I'm not planning on using it. Ever.
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