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Jeans Day one-offs

All right. So. offBeat Acappella will be singing at Steep and Brew on State Street tonight at 8:15 PM. Come see us.

Second: Brian Wild's new play, 667: The Number of the Neighbor of the Beast opens at Broom Street Theater this Friday, and runs at 8:00 PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights between now and October 30th. Tickets are $7 and you can read about the play here. I really like Brian's shows and his last one, Flowers for Dubya, garnered good reviews from my friends. Anyway, who wants to go see 667 with me? Let me know.

And now, the aforementioned Jeans Day e-mails.

I usually send out two e-mails to announce a jeans day; one on the preceding Friday, and another the day before. The last two times, however, I only found out about the jeans day two days before the actual date, so more than one message would have been overkill. Anyway, here they are:

Director's commentary: I threw this one together in a hurry because I'd just gotten back from vacation and was swamped with work. I didn't remember to make stickers until the wee-hours of Thursday morning, so I called a coworker who comes in earlier than I do. Our voicemail system doesn't give you the option to rerecord or cancel the message you've just bungled, so I'm sure she played my clumsy and incoherent message for everybody in her department. We did get stickers, though.

Director's commentary: Also a quick and dirty job, but it doesn't show (at least, I don't think it does). You'll have to pardon my lame and insular sense of humor, but out of all the jeans day e-mails I've ever sent out, this is definitely one of my top three favorites. Originally the goat wanted to free "Ms. Day," but that was deemed confusing by other members of the committee. At the time I was annoyed, but in retrospect if it helps people get the joke, it's a good change. I don't know how many people got the Pink Floyd reference, but it works either way.
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