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Weekend Update Rides Again: With a Vengeance.

First of all, this being Talk Like a Pirate Day, I'd like to send a shout-out to all me mateys on tha high sizzeas.

All right. So. Weekend post.

Friday I took some time off for Marilyn's funeral. Though she had religious beliefs, Marilyn did not belong to any particular church. Her kids didn't feel it would be appropriate to bring in a random clergyman to perform the service, so they asked my mom to put one together. The result was an incredibly well-chosen selection of readings taken from various sources, from Marilyn's personal correspondence to the Bible and the Hidden Words of Baha'u'llah. My parents and I ended up doing most of the speaking. There were more people in attendance than I'd been told to expect. It was a short, tasteful service, and Marilyn's kids were very grateful for what was said.

After work I met Ellen and some of her coworkers for dinner at Old Chicago. I'd never been there before. It's pretty average, as far as pizza goes. I'd go as a social outing, but I wouldn't jump to recommend it. When I was living with xoshua, he used to go there after work. I understand now that it was because Old Chicago is close to the comic book store, not because the food is spectacular. Anyway, I mostly sat back and listened to the conversation because two of Ellen's friends (sisters, incidentally) wouldn't let anybody get a word in edgewise. The other three of us kept up, but we didn't really get to speak unless one of them asked us a direct question. Which is fine. After dinner, Ellen and I returned to her mom's house and discussed child stars. I went home, went to bed late, and got up fairly early on

Saturday. The plan for Saturday was to make the house presentable for the party. I thought we'd get X amount of work done, realize it was getting late, and finish up by tossing everything into a closet and scouring the fixtures with sanitary products. I was rather surprised when we managed to get the bulk of the work done during the morning. I was even more surprised when Ribs and I found time to run several errands and pick up lunch from Subway, but this was as nothing to our joint surprise when I got home and found time to cook before the party. However, all of us were soon totally overwhelmed with surprise when I finished with cooking and still had an hour to work on my room. For RJ, surprise was pushed to its very limits when I managed to complete the cleaning and reorganization at which I have been making abortive attempts since early August. Surprise having been no longer adequate, he was forced to resort to astonishment.*

The Story of the Party can be found in last night's entry. Afterward, I went with Keith and Tom to Rocky Horror. Regrettably, none of us had a very good time. The audience was enormous, but they were mostly unresponsive. This is partly attributable to the fact that they sucked, but mostly to the fact that there was a guy a few rows behind us who was yelling at least as loudly as the rest of us, but whose timing was awful. He was yelling most of the same stuff, but when he wasn't ten seconds early we were trampling each other. I wonder how much of the audience understood either of us. After the show the guy came over and said "Colin! How ya doin'?"

I had no idea who he was.

I gather that his name is Alex and that he used to be a regular, but apparently I've blocked his memory out of my mind. One assumes that his callbacks have become rusty because I'm pretty sure I'd remember a regular audience member whose timing was so off. He's moving back to Madison in a couple of months, and with any luck his timing will come back (or he'll start listening to everybody else). Nobody's timing is perfect, but we tend to synch up pretty well.

Alex came with us to Country Kitchen and we "reminisced" about the old days (quotes because I don't remember the old days, but he remembers my name so I must have been there). We had the same horrible cook and waitress combination as the last few times, but they must have their routine settled because the service was fine. It helps, I suppose, that the cook didn't go out for five smoke breaks over the course of an hour, which is what RJ says he witnessed the first time.

On Sunday I went to my parents' house and was pretty useless. I helped make spaghetti for lunch, but mostly I took a nap.

In the evening I went to The King Club to see The Voodoo Organist with inle_the_rabbit, his girlfriend mlitiagrl, my friend Michael and his girlfriend Lisa. I don't see any of these people very often (and I may not have even met Lisa before), so it was cool to spend some time with them, despite my being too tired to be really coherent. The opening band was... Well, I'm not sure. I didn't catch their name, and the King Club has just about the worst website I've ever seen for a music venue. I'm pretty sure the band was not called "TBA." Anyway, they were pleasant and bland which, unpredictably, turned out to be what I wanted.

Voodoo Organist hit the stage around 11:00, and was pretty much what you'd expect from an act called Voodoo Organist: One guy with a Hammond organ, a drum machine, and a Theremin, all decorated in what I'd call a "lounge act from hell" motif. Craig and I were so jazzed about the Theremin that the only word I can think of to describe the way we felt is "jazzed." Anyway, The Voodoo Organist put on a great show -- imagine the offspring of Johnny Cash and (note to self: replace this note with the name of a popular female organist), raised by Alistair Crowley on punk music and the movie Bell, Book & Candle. We had a good time. I got home a little after midnight, but nobody has to know how late I went to bed, thanks to livejournal's backdate feature.

Anyway, just to make this even more needlessly long, I'd like to point out that offBeat will be performing at the Steep & Brew on State Street on Tuesday night at 8:15 PM.

* A whopping sixty points to anybody who recognizes what I'm referencing without Googling it.
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