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Booya, motherfather!

Yeah, so I sat down with Dreamweb again tonight, and successfully mated the English floppy version with the French CD version (screw the Spanish version -- it has major differences from the other two which I don't have the patience to figure out).

Now there's another problem, but it's of a different sort altogether. Yes, I've gotten the game to work properly. I'm going to back it up on CD so I don't have to worry about doing another Frankenstein patch-job on Dreamweb in the future. But first, I'd like to actually finish it, and to do that, I have to finish a puzzle

The puzzle is stupid, and explaining it is a great way to begin the long list of major design flaws in the game.

The puzzle is a door lock. There are two rotating wheels that you have to line up perfectly to get a door to open. There are 64 different combinations. Simple trial and error, right? Wrong, unless you have plenty o' time to spend on checking every combination until you hit the right one. Every time you change the combination, you have to walk two rooms over to see if the door is open. It's not. You go back and try again. Each try probably takes a good twenty seconds, possibly more. Assuming that each try takes you twenty seconds (a conservatively small estimate), going through all 64 combinations will take you a little more than 21 minutes. That's not the point. The point is that the game is full of little things like this. Too much backtracking. Too much trial and error. Add to this the fact that everything in the game environment has some degree of interactivity, and most of it is useless. There are probably thirty objects strewn about the floor of your apartment in the game. You can pick them all up, but you'll only need three.

There's too much interactivity and too much repetition. Nobody has time to finish this sort of game without a walkthru, and the only walkthru online has big, glaring errors such as "use the hole on the hole," when the author meant "use the severed hand on the hole" or "go left twice, then up," when what he really meant is "go RIGHT twice, then up." On top of this, you may be carrying eight different objects that can be used to pry open a metal door, but the game only lets you use the section of pipe. Every time you receive a new piece of information (a frequent occurence), you'll have to return to your apartment, enter the security code, etc., etc., etc. There are other problems, too. These things don't make me happy. There's a pretty good chance I'll end up fixing the walkthru, writing my own installation program, bundling the whole thing together on a CD, and never, ever touching it again.

Oh, um, what else did I do today? I can't for the life of me remember. I got home from work... something else happened, I made supper, something else after that... Went for a walk... Figured out Dreamweb. Huh. I guess it must not have been anything spectacular. Oh, I did yell at one of my roommates about eating up all the network bandwidth. I also have to yell at another one about his recent inability to deliver phone messages in an accurate and timely fashion: "Colin, Jim left a message and said he was going to a thing at 7:30" (the message was delivered at 9:15, thank you very much). Yeah, I won't point any fingers, but the name of the roommate in question begins with "N" and ends with "athan." Lantry (of all people) spoke to him once over the phone and said "he sounded like a moron." Coming from Lantry, this means something. This was the same night I came home to a message on the dry-erase board which read "Colin -- Larry called."

Uh, I guess I've gotten all the spite and annoyance out of my system... I did find out that the soundtrack from Dreamweb was composed by a fellow named Matt Seldon. The only place I can find his name online is in reference to Dreamweb. Matthew Seldon doesn't yield any results, either. Kathy Seldon did, but it was nothing even remotely helpful.

Incidentally, I really am listening to a song called Butt Badger.

It's not very good.
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