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There's an unpleasant recurring dream I've been having for a few years, and I had it again last night. You won't want to read about it.

In the dream I'm going about my daily routine when my lower abdomen begins to itch. I scratch it, and the itch goes away for a few moments before returning again. The process repeats several times before I really notice it. I lift up my shirt and discover a small, slightly greenish, raised bump which looks like it could pop. I squeeze it, it opens, and several bright green, segmented worms crawl out, one after another. They're all about three inches long. Understandably I'm freaked out by what's going on, so I squeeze the area to force them out. The second to last one always has three heads, and I wake up after the last one comes out.

This really used to unsettle me, both in the dream and after I regained consciousness.

Usually I'm alone at home, or I'm at work and I can duck into a bathroom stall to take care of the worms. The last couple of times have been different, though. I've been in a social situation with several friends, and when the worms start coming out, my friends react with horror and disgust. I try to calm them all down by saying things like "It's fine, don't worry about it. It'll be over soon. I dream about this all the time."

And then, of course, I wake up.

Isn't that a nice story? What do you suppose it means? The four dream dictionaries I've consulted tell me that the worm represents financial loss unless I kill it, and that my exposed abdomen represents either (depending on the book) financial loss, impending treachery on the part of my friends, alcoholism, or the fact that I need to expose less of my personality when meeting people for the first time. They also tell me that consulting outside sources to interpret my dreams is probably not worth my time.
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