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Maybe I should be watching Eraserhead instead. It's so much more upbeat.

Nothing spectacular to report, which is a good thing but makes for a boring livejournal entry.

This week at work was pretty pleasant, which is weird. Usually when I get back from vacation, the "aww man, this again" feeling re-enters the picture pretty quickly, but not so this time. Maybe it's because for the first time in months I've actually been really busy all week long, and haven't had much time to worry about wasting my life in front of a computer screen. Whatever. Either way, I'm sure it'll be back this coming week.

Anyway, letsee... offBeat's gig on Thursday night went well, except that we had a tiny audience. There was a group at one of the tables who'd come specifically to see us, but they were the only ones paying attention. The restaurant had a different host working than usual, and the owner of the place wasn't around. The owner really likes us, and I think he gets the waitstaff excited -- when he's on duty, they tend to hang around in the corners and listen to us. I could be wrong, but I don't think the other guy likes us terribly much. The restaurant has an outdoor courtyard, and previously he'd sung and played guitar out there on Thursday nights, but that must a summer thing. Perhaps he resents our being onstage instead of him. He asked us to "turn it down," and the waitstaff didn't really come out at all except to service the tables.

I stayed up until nearly 2:00 on Friday morning watching The Lone Gunmen which I happen very much to enjoy. The only thing worse than it's being cancelled during its first season is the fact that it was wrapped up on The X-Files in an incredibly clumsy fashion. I guess a clumsy wrapup is better than none, but I didn't stay up until late o'thirty on a school night just so that I could go to bed with a "huh. That sucked." feeling.

Friday night Ellen and I went to see The Brothers Grimm, which I -- woah. I just found a dried, shrivelled up olive on my floor. That's really disgusting. I promise you, I may be a bachelor, but I don't live in such a way that this is a normal occurence. Where was I? Oh yes, The Brothers Grimm. My second time seeing it, but I'm a glutton for punishment sucker for Terry Gilliam movies. Ellen really liked it a lot, and although I enjoyed it very much the first time, it went down easier on the second viewing. If you saw The Brothers Grimm and didn't like it very much, I'd recommend giving it another chance, though you may wish to see it in the cheap theater or wait for the rental. After the movie we went to Denny's for a late dinner and the waitress didn't refill our coffee often enough. There were a couple of middle-aged women sitting behind me who were having one of those female (though decidedly not feminist) empowerment discussions that best friends have in movies when one of them gets broken up with. The final verdict was something like "what you need is a good man who will buy you shoes and whom you can cook for, hon." The word "hon" was used, but "whom" probably wasn't.

Tonight I'm watching short David Lynch films, specifically Darkened Room and Rabbits. I've come to the realization that David Lynch's head must be a very frightening place to live. Rabbits focusses on a group of rabbits with human bodies whose dialogue appears to be a string of complete non-sequiturs. The whole thing is shot in one room, and in 42 minutes, the camera probably moves fewer than five times. There's a laugh track which roars at inappropriate times, and occasionally thunderous applause happens when a character enters the room. I can't find anything in Rabbits which could be called a plot, and though nothing depressing actually happens, it's one of the most dedpressing things I've ever seen. Why do I watch this stuff? Why do I like it so much? I have no idea, but it's so weird and so depressing that I don't think I'd be comfortable watching it with anybody else.

Tomorrow I'll be going down to Schaumberg, Illinois (pronounced "Illi-nwah" because it still hasn't occurred to me how not clever that is) with crabmoon, lord_alucard, laviorli, phil_bond and theenigma42 to visit seanorange. Apparently the plan is to visit Mitsuwa Marketplace and eat curry, which is as good a plan as any. I'll be missing my cousin's funeral. My parents are going, along with another one of my cousins and her husband. I visited with them today at my parents' house, but the deceased is somebody I didn't really know. We may have met, but he was 46 years my senior.
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