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Holy waste of space!

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
1) How long would lord_alucard dating renny1780 last? Long enough for the tabloids to come up with a "Bennifer"-style nickname for them. Maybe Tomee or Renom.
2) Do you think wendybyrd is hot? Who doesn't?
3) What mental disorder does rob_matsushita remind you of? Whichever mental disorder it is that's both funny and violent.
4) One quality you find attractive in juniperlore? She's a lot more adventurous than I could ever be.
5) What planet should theenigma42 be from? Snaarkfarden.
6) What is theenigma42 allergic to? Spicy foods, apparently.
7) Which of your friends should laviorli go out with? That depends on whether we're talking about serious dating or just something that could be captured on video for uh, behavioral study.
8) If jinxedkisses and r3507 were siamese twins, where would they be joined? At the ego.
9) Is emjay42 related to peaches321? Sure, on an extremely distant level.
10) What animal should jinxedkisses be combined with? Some kinda squidmonkey.
11) Do you have a crush on siouxsnapp? ...yeah...
12) Does emjay42 go to your school? Well, he used to.
13) Would you set up nx_01srl and lillia_revan? I wouldn't set anybody up with anybody, but I might put in a good word if one expressed an interest in the other.
14) Does matchstyx have a crush on sylversmoke? Doubtful.
15) If lord_alucard and agaysexicon were spliced together, what would it be like? Spiteful, lecherous, and painfully unfunny. And I'm kidding.
16) What word best describes devianttouch? "Persistent," which is a good thing.
17) Is matchstyx a high school student? Not anymore.
18) If peaches321 and jinxedkisses were spliced together, what would be its name? Peachi.
19) Would xoshua and fuzzyinthehead make a good couple? No, but they would probably make good friends.
20) Is sweetconcord friends with renny1780? No.
21) What is siouxsnapp's favorite band/artist? Besieged by Tiny Insects
22) What do you disagree with exairian about? That there's gold in them thar hills.
23) Does nocturne152 know fuzzyinthehead? Yes indeed.
24) What rank would sweetconcord have in a giant robot army? Supreme High Sexecutioner, O.B.E., Ph.D., CNA, BBQ, 4Q2, B.Y.O.U.F.I.A., Mrs.
25) seanorange's eye color? Yes.
26) Have you flirted with laviorli? Sure.
27) Would angelic667 be a better ninja or pirate? Er, pirate.
28) Where was nocturne152 born? Born in a graveyard, raised in a garage, he's a thirsty cyborg with a taste for human flesh.
29) If crabmoon commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Sims, her cat, and Tick.
30) How tall is agaysexicon? Kind of.

And with that out of the way...

I'm back at work today. When I logged on to my computer, I discovered a couple of hundred e-mail messages. Most of them I simply deleted without opening them ("Ordering lunch from Chang Jiang," "Blue Honda Civic on fire in the parking lot," etc.), but there were about ten -- all from people in the same department -- complaining about the wording of my voicemail message. Specifically, they were unhappy with the "...and I'll return your call as soon as possible. Probably." Now, I completely understand why this is a bad thing to put in a voicemail message. I do it anyway because I never receive calls from outside the company. I do not dispute that this is a poor justification. Honestly, I'm surprised that I've never been called on it before.

Anyway, I did not expect to receive any voicemail during my week out, and the only message waiting for me was from my boss telling me that she'd gotten a complaint from that department, and that I am to disregard it because they don't approve of anything.
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