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"I left that guy a voicemail." and other things that have happened since Saturday

Saturday: r3507 and jinxedkisses's bachelor/bachelorette party. Was I not supposed to mention this? Nobody else has. Then again, nobody else who was there has really posted, 'cept Kyle. Good times. Nothing that would bring successful box office returns for a bachelor party comedy (or a bad one, for that matter), but I think those involved enjoyed themselves. I certainly did, though I was so tired that I ran on fumes for most of the party until, switching metaphors, I caught a second wind.

Sunday: jinxedkisses called me and asked if I wanted to go see Sledgehammer Party with her, since Kyle apparently wasn't up for extreme violence comedy (and was possibly still recovering from his own party). We went and enjoyed ourselves. At least, I enjoyed myself. Becki did too, but it was that odd combination of enjoyment and mortification that accompanies Broom Street shows. This marks the fourth time I've seen the show. I really do love it, but -- no offense, Rob -- I probably would not have seen it so many times if I hadn't been bringing somebody to each show. I feel the need to attone by, I don't know, adopting a whole bunch of puppies or something. After the show we went to Denny's for coffee where we had a good (and long) conversation and almost ran into Dave (those involved with Tiny Fools will know the Dave I'm talking about). As soon as the waitress was engaged in taking their order, we made a beeline for the cash register. And then the door. Oh, Becki, before I forget: I left that guy a voicemail.

Monday: I worked with my parents at their old house and practiced with offBeat, which reminds me -- offBeat sings at the Mill Street Inn & Pub in Cambridge on the 8th and 15th of September, also at Steep & Brew on State Street on the 20th.

Tuesday: Drove with the parents plus my sister and her boyfriend to La Crosse. We rode the ferry, had lunch, made fun of the poetry of Jimmy Stewart, and did a bunch of other stuff. It was a pretty nice way to spend the day, and afterward I went over to fuzzyinthehead and agaysexicon's place where we watched Love Actually. I gather that most of the rest of the world has already seen it, but I hadn't. What a great movie. Rather than give the usual long, rambling, Colin-just-likes-to-talk-but-never-actually-says-anything movie analysis, I'll just say that above-average filmmaking was bolstered by a script which, if anything, both tries too hard to please everybody and succeeds, which doesn't happen very often. The cast list reads like a Who's Who of British celebrities, so it's full of people you probably like, as opposed to bloody Martin Smith from Croydon. I also notice that director Richard Curtis wrote some of the few really excellent romantic comedies I've seen in the last few years, along with episodes of Blackadder, Mr. Bean, and The Vicar of Dibley, so he's got that going for him.

Wednesday: And now it's early on Wednesday morning. I'm going to bed.
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