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Have I mentioned that my head hurts?

My head hurts. A lot.

My head has hurt all day. In fact, I should go to bed. If I did that I'd fall asleep fast and I'd be more awake in the morning, but I like you so much that I'm posting to my livejournal instead. No, don't trouble yourself -- I felt like posting, and this will be short since I don't have much to discuss right now.

My life has been reasonably quiet and uneventful of late, which unfortunately doesn't make for interesting reading. Oh, I guess I could complain about that lady who deliberately and repeatedly swerved into my lane to cut me off on the way to Ellen's tonight, but something like that can be summarized in a single sentence: "People are jerks and they can't drive." There you go.

Anyway, Ellen had devianttouch, wendybyrd and me over for dinner tonight. Eggplant parmesan. Delicious stuff. Of course, I wound up being late, thanks to a train which took a good ten minutes to cross East Washington Ave. and then Blair St. I suppose somebody wiser might have realized that the route I was taking crossed paths with the train twice, but my head hurt. A lot. Did I mention that? Oh. Good. Uh, the company was pleasant, though, and I managed to forget that my head hurt for most of the night. Not sure why it started again, actually, but getting to bed will help. I'm going to do that momentarily.

Last night I got together with my friend Thea. She's working on a webcomic, and we'll be collaborating on a... well, the less said the better until it's ready. The Thing That I Won't Talk About will premier on her website, which I'll link to once we're comfortble with our work.

I've also been working on September's MP3 of the Month. I didn't mention this month's MP3 because the process of packing and moving didn't give me much chance to put anything together. Next month's piece, however, is one that started out as a throwaway track, but which I'm liking more and more as I work on it. I'll point it out when it's finished.
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