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Exciting vacation (or whatever) post!

So I took a next week off, not because I want to do anything spectacular but because my job requires all employees to take at least one annual full week off. I had assumed (as had most of my coworkers) that this was to prevent the sort of incident which popularized the phrase "going postal," but as it turns out, the week off is mandated by some kind of federal regulation. I'd link to it if I could find a reference to it online (and I'm not looking that hard), but the idea is that if somebody has set up a system for embezzeling money, the discrepancy should become apparent during their week away from the premises.

Frankly, any sufficiently intelligent criminal would be able to get around that. Then again, any sufficiently intelligent person wouldn't be embezzeling from their employer.

Whatever. I'm not embezzling, but I am trying really hard to get everything as up-to-date as I possibly can. I hate going on vacation without clearing off my desk first, and my coworkers won't touch my desk unless my unfinished work is holding up their productivity.

So what (you may ask) am I going to do on my vacation? No idea. At the very least I'll be helping my parents work on their old house, which probably means drywalling and... whatever else. I'm not sure. That probably doesn't sound like a great vacation, but I'm discovering that I'm really not big on that whole "fun" thing everybody else seems to like so much. I can handle a day trip or two, but ever since I started earning a paycheck, serious travel always feels like an expensive misuse of time.
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