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Pork rinds are good for you!

A few months ago the company that stocks our vending machines started putting little heart-shaped stickers next to the price tags of the "heart healthy" selections. This is part of one of those company-wide health-awareness efforts which has become so trendy in the last five years or so. The only thing more ridiculous than the recent popularity of this stuff in corporate America is the fact that we apparently need it, having been raised on convenience foods and education funded by the Cattleman's Beef Association. I steeped in nutrition information for three years while working at the hospital, so I have no illusions as to what the pizza I ordered last night (Glass Nickel's Cheesasaurus with black olives, pepperoni, tomatoes and garlic, thank you very much), does to my body. I mention this because two of my coworkers informed me this morning that pizza is a health food thanks to all the cheese. Uh huh. Did these people sleep through kindergarten, or what?

I'm digressing though. I brought all of this up to talk about the stickers in the vending machines. They started out being reasonably accurate, but this morning while I was getting a cup of coffee, I noticed that the Snickers and S'mores bars, along with Gardetto's Snack Mix and Lay's The Works potato chips were all marked as "heart-healthy." One day last week the Hostess Fruit Pies had the little heart sticker. Hostess Fruit Pies are worse for you than deep-fried lead.

Somebody's getting lazy.
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