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Blame it on the rain

Continuing our Employee Appreciation Week at work...

Today we were supposed to have ice cream. This was probably announced sometime last week, but I didn't find out until I got an e-mail stating

Once Again - We Can't Predict The Weather
"The Ice Cream Man has been re-scheduled to arrive on Friday, August 12 - Team Spirit Day"
Enjoy Jean's Day Today

If anybody out there knows Jean, give 'er Hell for messing up our Ice Cream Social. Actually, we're all adults here (legally, anyway), so I'm sure the general response to this e-mail was the same as mine ("meh."). I'm amused and annoyed by the improper apostrophe use, though. My grammar gots enough problems that I can't call myself Grammar Nazi*, but correct apostrophe use is right up there(/their/they're) with the difference between "of" and "have" on the list of Common Grammar Errors Which Should Be Overcome Before High School Graduation. Thank God for Bob the Angry Flower.

Oh, uh, for the terminally thick who don't understand why there's a grammar issue up there, today is a jeans day at work. And if you haven't had me on your Friends list for that long, I should mention that we lost our right to casual days after upper management decided that too many liberties were being taken with the definition of the word "casual." Now we have jeans days.

Yesterday was a little more fun but not as entertaining to write about, which means that reading about it is really gonna suck. We had our Non-Beach Beach Party, which basically means that I got to take a long lunchbreak outside and somebody else paid for my lunch. The important thing is that it gave me something to do other than trying to look busy. I hung out with matchstyx and we talked about how there's nothing good on TV.

Dumb games were played and prizes were awarded. Brian won a plastic coconut with a straw in it which was actually pretty cool. He filled it with Pepsi and pretended to be The Guy from Gilligan's Island Who Drinks Out of a Coconut (which shows just how unfamiliar I am with Gilligan's Island). I won a self-propelled, posable, plastic surfer, but the piece that connects the surfboard to the motor was missing, so I'm left with the object pictured on the right. It may have other underwater uses, but I just don't feel adventurous.

* No snide remarks about comma use, please.
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