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Summer colds compounded by allergies suck more than run-of-the-mill Summer colds

I feel kind of lousy and I think I'm coming down with some kind of cold. Add to this the fact that I'm also having an allergic reaction to something in or near my new cubicle at work, and I'm pretty miserable. The allergic reaction has been going on for a couple of weeks now, and Claratin isn't helping. I scheduled an appointment for an allergy test this afternon, but they're booking almost as far in advance as my optometrist.

I've also done exactly zero unpacking tonight, which doesn't make me happy. Instead I did Tae-Bo Bootcamp with ribsinbacon. It's quite a workout, but I can't imagine committing to it, or at least, not with Ribs, since he wants to do it "after work, before seven." I'm out of the house until 9:30 two nights of the week at a bare minimum, sometimes more, rarely for social engagements. I suppose that I will have to return to excercising first thing in the morning again if I'm to do it regularly. First I'dlike to shift my sleep schedule a bit so that I'm going to bed at a reasonable time and up early. This has never worked for me, but I'm trying nevertheless.

I swear tomorrow's post will be more entertaining. At the very least, it will feature a quote from my boss saying that she thinks there will be cake.

Oh, it's probably been out for months and I simply hadn't seen it, but the trailer for Terry Gilliam's The Brothers Grimm is out. I'm excited.
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