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Weekend Update Takes Manhattan

I'm back! Didja miss me? No? Oh, well.

What a weekend. Not fun, really, just moving. Most of the moving occurred on Friday night, but I still have a few things (books, mostly) to bring over. It wasn't really practical to come down while Nate, Sean and Lance were still loading things up, so I stayed in my room until they were gone. When they left I came down to pack some of my stuff from the kitchen, only to find that they took some a bunch of it. Ceramic cups. Cutting board. The pie plate I bought a couple of months ago. xoshua's missing stuff too, or rather, his grandma's missing stuff, since it was borrowed from her. My suspicion is that the kitchen was packed by somebody who doesn't use it very often. Nate and Sean: If it was one of you, just point the finger at Lance. I'll never who it was.

I went to bed around 2:30 and slept until 9 or so. Shortly after I got up I received a call from my dad. He and my mom were at my great aunt's house in Whitewater, and wondering if I could help move her melodeon. I drove out there and helped carry it out of the basement and onto a truck, which proved to be a four-person job. My aunt's husband passed last year, and now she's moving from the house they lived in for more than half a century to a condo. It's a stressful experience for her because it's a big change and she's just starting to realize how much stuff has been piling up in the corners and basement of the house. There's a skill that involves cramming a huge number of unrelated objects into a space that's only big enough for a third of them. Only women seem to be able to master this, and my aunt is so good at it that she makes it look orderly. The house is also full of ancient portraits, old-fashioned appliances and fixtures. Most of them in working order though some (the wall-box telephone, for example) are unusable in 2005.

One of the items that is still usable is an Edison phonograph, which looks something like the one pictured on this page. It stands as high as my chest and is stamped with a manufacturing date of 1908. The discs it plays are a quarter of an inch thick, spin at 80 RPM (yes, 80, not 78), and contain up to five minutes of audio. The sound is produced by a paper diaphragm, and the volume is controlled manually. It's a pretty remarkable achievement of engineering, really. Too bad I didn't know any of the songs. I thought I knew When Irish Eyes Are Smilin', but as it turns out, I only know the melody of the chorus. I thought I knew the words too, but apparently what I know is a different song whose words coincidentally fit the same rhythm. Whatever.

In the evening my dad helped me move my big stuff into the new place -- futon, bookcases, entertainment center. Afterward I went to april_tehe's going-away party where I had a good time despite being a little too tired. This didn't stop me from meeting up with Ellen, theenigma42, and phil_bond at Rocky Horror. They wanted to sit toward the back of the theater, but we moved since I didn't particularly want to be yelling directly into the ears of what was either a family with early high school-aged children or the world's most publicly-illegal polyamorous group. I was tired enough to be running on autopilot, and that wasn't a good thing. I was loud, but after the movie I was relatively wiped out. After the show we went to Perkins got seated, and then left in favor of Country Kitchen which was open after all. The waitstaff at Perkins probably hate us for this kind of behavior, but we don't do it without justification.

Anyway, Sunday... Sunday I went to see jinxedkisses and r3507 in King Lear. I assume that most readers of my livejournal are (like me) not otherwise familiar with King Lear, so I'll just say that it's one of Shakespeare's anti-feelgood plays. In the interest of historical accuracy, the performers wore tuxedoes and sunglasses, and King Lear carried a pimp cane. I actually know a lot of people involved in the production, but I didn't say hi to anybody and nobody came over to greet me, so it looks like the unhealthy social distance I've been deliberately cultivating is probably paying off. Kyle and Becki were both excellent, but it's hard not to be excellent when you have a more-than-competent stage presence and only five lines.

Seeing the play reminded me that I really want to do a stage production of Thomas Ryng's "translation" of The King in Yellow.

Sunday night I had dinner at my parents' house and got to see my sister for a little while. Then I went to the house I'm moving out of, packed the food I had there, did a load of laundry, and went home around 10:30. Fun, fun. ribsinbacon was already in bed because he's one of those people who actually manages his sleep schedule in an intelligent fashion. At the old place I never saw Nate, Sean or Josh because I tended to sequester myself in my room. Now I'll never see anybody because I'm never going to be home.

Oh, rob_matsushita's Sledgehammer Party opened this last weekend, but I didn't make it. Anybody wanna check it out next weekend? $7, Broom Street Theater. I usually see Rob's shows at least a couple of times, so let me know if any of y'all are interested in going.
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