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As long as I'm making altogether too many posts to my journal...

This is making me angry for some reason.

I'll summarize, so you don't need to click the link. has acquired part of's artist information will not transfer, meaning that as of December 2, 2003, I'll be the only one doing online distribution of my music. This is both blessing and misfortune to me. hasn't really done anything appreciable for me in the last two years. They were fantastic when they started, but as the company got bigger, they started trying to offer too many services. Eventually they were bought out by Vivendi Universal who started cutting the services the company was offering. Unfortunately, they cut mostly the wong things. Those of us not signed to a major label lost a lot of promotional avenues. Britney Spears, David Bowie, Alanis Morisette, and other artists you've heard of received expensive online promotion which they didn't need, and which their fans mostly ignored. Those artists whose sole distribution was through were costing the company very little, and (until Vivendi Universal came along) pulling in a fair amount of revenue. If had been floating in dangerously shallow waters, Vivendi Universal ran the company straight into the ground.

Being forcibly freed from finally puts me into a position where I need to do my own promotion. I should've been doing this all along, but I can't stand advertising. I don't get a choice now, and that's probably for the best. Once I cash my next royalty check, I'm done with them.
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