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And at the last from inner Egypt came the strange dark One to whom the fellahs bowed...

I've been having the lamest dreams of my life over the last week or so. Last night I dreamed that I sat down in front of my computer, went to my livejournal userinfo page, and discovered that six people I don't know had added me as a friend. On Saturday night, I dreamed that I was moving things in my room and found a big pile of junk mail. I sorted through it to find unexpired Glass Nickel coupons, and then threw the rest away. One night last week I dreamed that I was wandering around an illogically-arranged grocery store on a quest for dried, crushed mint leaves because I thought it would be more cost-effective than buying fresh mint (incidentally, it usually is).

Work has been, on the whole, pretty boring of late too. If you were track the volumes of credit card spending and credit card disputes over a year, and then superimpose them, you'd see two sine waves that cancel each other out. Visa and MasterCard do tremendous business during Summer and Winter thanks to vacations and Christmas, but dispute volume slows to a trickle. My job will pick up again in a couple of months when people start looking at their bills and balancing their finances. For the moment, I'm stuck looking busy.

Which is fine, but I get really restless. I burn my personal and vacation time like crazy (actually, I did that last month). I download PDFs of public domain literary works and read them when nobody's looking (I'm not that impressed by Arthur Machen's The Great God Pan, by the way).

Today something reminded me of Fungi from Yuggoth, a cycle of 36 sonnets written in the early '30s by H.P. Lovecraft. Back in 2001, when I was first getting into HPL's works, I used them as inspiration for writing music. I was terribly enthralled by Fungi from Yuggoth, and I composed a short piece of music for each of the sonnets. I collected them into an album (see the artwork here!) which I sold for awhile on

I was listening to my music for Fungi from Yuggoth this afternoon, and thinking of how I'd wished that I could sell it with a booklet illustrating each sonnet instead of a four-page (single sheet) insert. I had decided that I'd make the illustrations myself and host them online, but of course, I never got around to it. A little bit of research online tells me that Hippocampus Press is publishing an annotated and fully-illustrated Fungi from Yuggoth sometime this year. I dunno, it's still something I'd like to do sometime. Possibly soon.

Add it to the huge list of projects I'm not actively working on. My PC-speaker tribute to Rocky Horror is on that list too, and I think I'm going to post it in its partially-completed state within the next few days just so that my slow work isn't in vain. It's getting done, it's just taking awhile.
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