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July 17th, 2005

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09:23 pm - Weekend Update Part 6
On Friday night Ellen and I managed to catch The Merry Wives of Windsor, sans severe thunderstorm. It was a great show, despite having been given the absolute worst seats in the theater, and having to sit behind the woman who thought, based on Falstaff's name, that his character should have a German accent. Her date agreed with her, and told her that Falstaff was a recurring character who appeared in every one of Shakespeare's plays. I think he was serious.

The play ended a little after eleven, and after we got back to Madison we stopped at Denny's for a bite to eat. Shortly after midnight -- 12:04 by Denny's wall clock, teenagers with Barnes and Noble shopping bags started pouring in. Ellen and I may have been the only customers without Harry Potter books.

On Saturday I helped my dad with random tasks at the house he and my mom are trying to sell. Then I helped my mom cook dinner. Finally, after I got home, I discovered those potatoes in the garbage. Two out of three of these things were pleasant and did not involve someone throwing away my groceries. I'll let you guess which the other one was.

Last night was also tlhinganhom and sweetconcord's last performance with the Velvet Darkness, so I met a whole bunch of friends at the theater. Hal played Trixie and dragged crabmoon up onstage, tied her up and danced at her, which embarrassed crabmoon thoroughly. Anyway, it was a good show with a larger-than-usual audience. rob_matsushita was in attendance, as were evil_jim, renny1780, the_tick27, phil_bond, lord_alucard, and a whole bunch of others who don't have livejournals. People who knew a lot of callbacks were dotted all around the theater, and nobody could reach any consensus as to timing, but that was okay. I had come up with what I thought was a great new callback, but either it wasn't funny or nobody noticed it. During Rocky's solo on Rose Tint My World, I shouted out "not to split hairs Rocky, but I asked for bukakke, not kabuki." Oh, well. I thought it was entertaining.

After the show we found Country Kitchen closed, so we went to the east-side Perkins which is usually my last choice in late-night eateries. Sure, the food's better, but the service at that particular Perkins is notoriously awful; that's why Tiny Fools started going to Country Kitchen in the first place. Last night was not an exception. I arrived first, said that we'd be bringing a group of "more than twenty," and asked if we could be seated in what used to be the smoking section so that everybody could be seated together. "No, we're not seating over there," I was told, as another couple were being seated "over there." Why did they get seated and we didn't? "Nobody's sitting over there." 'kay, fine. We took over the main part of the restaurant, totally overwhelming the hostess whom I wasn't too fond of anyway. Our server was quite a bit more personable.

This morning I got up later than I planned, wrapped a wedding gift, wrote a not-very-funny message in an even less-funny card, and headed off to Ellen's place. We drove together to Jimi and sylversmoke's wedding. Most (well, quite a few, anyway) of the rest of the guests were dressed in full SCA regalia but I've already done the "Madrigals costume in 104° weather" thing, and I don't particularly want to do it again. I mostly hung around with r3507 and jinxedkisses who were wearing their Renaissance garb and kept pointing out how well it breathed (as opposed to my nice pants, shirt and tie).

Movies get reviewed but weddings don't. If I were Roger Ebert I'd give it three and a half stars, and if I were somebody's great aunt Dolores I'd emblazon the DVD release with quotes like "...beautiful!" and "...nothing to shake my broom at!" but I'm not so I'll just say that it was a pleasant and appropriate ceremony. Congrats Jimi and Amii!

Afterward I ate a lot of vegetables and danced the Time Warp. Ellen and I took off before the tournament ('cuz you can't have a Renaissance wedding without a tournament), but not before I said what will probably be my last goodbyes to tlhinganhom and sweetconcord prior to their move to wherever it is they're moving to.

Now I'm at home and I should go to bed early (not immediately, but early). We'll see.
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Date:July 18th, 2005 03:23 pm (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed yourself. I figured that this would be the perfect show to do the ILV2K reference, since you were sitting in the front, and the other ILV2K regulars were actually seated behind me. It was actually part of our standard repertoire around early to mid-2001 when all of those people were attending the show, but I eventually dropped it when my friend Tom leaned over and said "I admire your devotion to a joke five people get." Oh well. With you in the audience it was at least six people, so I thought it was time for a comeback.

I guess I know what you mean about feeling old, which is sort of inevitable due to the nature of Rocky Horror. It flourishes in college communities, so the audience is usually made up of teenagers. A lot of people stop going so frequently when they hit, say, 25, because by that time they probably have their diploma and a "respectable" job where they need to be cognizant at 8:00 in the morning. I have one of these (semi respectable, anyway). Rocky Horror throws off my sleep schedule, but I go anyway. A lot of former regulars stopped attending because they're smarter than I am. That, coupled with the fact that Rocky Horror tends to flourish in college communities, has made me feel old.

Anyway, I got all the jokes you mentioned, but I'm finding that more and more of my schtick is becoming dated. That's a little depressing. This week's audience was larger than usual and had a reasonably diverse crowd, but sometimes when it's all eighteen year olds, lines like "Hey Frank, how was sex with Bill and Ted? (Excellent!)" or "I'm hot... I'm thirsy... Hey, Kool-Aid! Oh, yeah!" (when Dr. Scott breaks through the wall) fall flat. It's not like Bill and Ted are currently topical, but they're not that old, either. Maybe all pop-culture references are destined to become obscure.
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Date:July 19th, 2005 02:53 am (UTC)
It's a fine line--I mean, some jokes are funny BECAUSE they're so obscure (any random episode of MST3k will provide you an example).

Although I felt really old the other day at work when I made a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup reference ("Hey! You got chocolate in my peanut butter! You got peanut butter in my chocolate!") and NO ONE knew what the hell I was talking about.

That said, there's such a thing as being TOO topical, too. I will never forget the night that Paul Ruebens was busted (I think somewhere there's audiotape of this). At the time, I was going to Rocky in NYC at the theater where Sal Piro does his thing--like, it was the OFFICAL (as much as there can be) floor show, and seriously--EVERY line was about Pee Wee Herman. (The best: When Riff and Magenta bust in on Frank in their gold outfits, and just as Frank turns around in suprise someone behind me yelled "Okay, Pee Wee, you're BUSTED.")

It got SO out of hand that Piro, the following week, politely requested that we KNOCK OFF the Pee Wee gags, having beaten that horse dead.

I actually shouted out my favorite line ever on Saturday, too. It's at the end of the movie, as the criminologist walks out the door: "Oh, THERE'S my fucking neck."

The first time I heard that one, for the first time ever watching Rocky, I actually felt a sense of closure.
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