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Why do short weeks always seem so long?

I was scheduled to move to a different desk first thing this morning, but it hasn't happened yet. A series of phone calls to our corporate office eventually revealed that their records show that the move was completed on June 27th. Nobody's sure where the fault lies. Well, that's not true. We all know, we just don't feel comfortable pointing fingers.

Anyway, I could start moving my stuff, but I'm reluctant to do so because we're still not sure what's going on or when it's going to happen. There's no point in doing it early because they also need to assign my phone extension and e-mail account to the new cube. I can log in to any PC in the building, but my e-mail access is tied to my cubicle -- even if I physically move my PC. Moving my PC (and all of my other stuff) is something I'm going to have to do by myself. At the corporate office they provide you with a cart, ask you to pack up your things, and send you an e-mail saying (and I quote) "DO NOT MOVE YOUR OWN CART UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE." Frankly, I'm glad I don't have to wait for maintenence to move my stuff. I can get it done faster on my own.

Assuming, of course, that the move actually happens at some point.

That said, I'm in a pretty lousy mood today. There's plenty going on in my life to put me in a pretty lousy mood, but it can't help that the lights above my current cubicle had diffusers put on them early this morning. Everything looks dark. The diffusers are black, plastic sheaths that cover the bottom half of the flourescent tube. The light is reflected from the tube housing rather than shining directly down. The woman who's taking my current cubicle is extremely photosensitive and the light gives her headaches (which is why we're switching places -- she's right by a window and I'd rather be there than here). My cubicle has two undiffused lights that I turn on every day when I come in, and even with both of those on it's dimmer here than it normally is with both of them off.

I swear my journal will start being entertaining again one of these days, but it might be a little while.
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