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MP3s, mine and otherwise

Right. So July's MP3 of the Month is up. It's a short (surprise?) piece called Beeswax which started life as a very solemn, ten-second clip and grew last night into something completely different and somewhat silly. It sounds to me as if it belongs in the background of an educational film about bees.

Those not interested in instrumental bee music (though how could you not be?) might want instead to head over to Superpickle Music Arts, home of the band Mailbox. Those who knew me in high school completely ignored me while I was raving about Mailbox (most of you were already raving anyway, about Sloan and The Frogs), but I raved anyway because Mailbox was so good. I have never been able to adequately describe their music, but their old banner ads used to read, "If you like They Might Be Giants, XTC, Oingo Boingo, Ween and Barenaked Ladies, you'll love Mailbox!" These are appropriate comparisons. Imagine these bands collaborating on a rock opera, and you've got Mailbox.

I loved Mailbox and successfully converted a few people. I bought a handful of their albums, but lack of local distribution and the fact that I was really digging my eMusic subscription at the time eventually caused me track of them. Even so, I check their website every few months of so and shake my head at just how many Mailbox albums have come out since I stopped buying them.

Yesterday I checked the site again, and the words "This whole album is free. Please tell a friend!" caught my eye. Not only is the album I was looking at free, but several Mailbox albums are available for free or inexpensive download as high-bitrate MP3s. How long have they been doing this? I have no idea, but I was ecstatic. I've a feeling that some of you will really appreciate them, too. the_tick27, I'm looking at you.

If you're looking for free downloads, you should check out What's In the Box? and Get Lost. They're both excellent and will give you a good idea of Mailbox's range. My personal recomendation, however, is that you enter your PayPal password and spring $3.00 ($3.00!) for Chameleon in a Kaleidoscope or Elephino.

Check 'em out. Seriously.
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