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Yeah, so, now that I'm done being happy about yesterday, we can talk about what happened on Monday.

Actually, it happened on Tuesday morning.

Early on Tuesday morning.

I had just drifted off to sleep when something woke me up. The first thing I noticed was that it was 12:17 AM. The second thing I noticed was that my air conditioner had stopped running. The third thing I noticed was that my computer wasn't running, either.

I went downstairs to find Lance and Sean packing up their laptops. Other than the living room air conditioner (which had just shut off), the power downstairs seemed unaffected. When Lance left, Sean and I went down to the basement to inspect the fuses. None were blown, and coherent labelling is not one of our landlord's strong points, so after a lot of headscratching and WTFing we replaced the fuses that "looked old." Nothin'.

By this time, we'd yanked and replaced the fuse to Nate's room, so we had to wake him up and inform him that his alarm clock needed resetting. Nate went down to the basement and started pulling fuses at random to figure out what circuit my room was on. Eventually we traced the problem to the outlet in the living room which runs the downstairs air conditioner. It splits off to some of the rooms upstairs. I don't know what (if anything else) is affected, but the outlets powering my PC, Josh's Mac, and all of my entertainment appliances are without power. None of us wanted to cut the power and tamper with the suspect outlet, so Nate's having somebody we know handle it.

In the meantime, we're running more extension cords than you can shake a stick at (well, you could shake the stick, but why? What's the point?), and I'm turning everything off while I'm at work because it's an insane fire hazard (you'd understand if you saw the outlets). Incidentally, only a fraction of the outlets in the house are grounded, so everybody's using adapters to plug their stuff in.

I'm supposed to help hawk this house for my landlord, but I don't suppose there's any point in doing that now.
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