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Inner child abuse

So today we did the fantastic NASCAR presentation. It was... interesting.

We did two presentations -- one in the morning, one in the afternoon. The morning one went ridiculously offtrack. The script was flagrantly ignored. People liked it, but it had a few problems. Most of them were not apparent to the audience, but the ending was confusing. Everybody was waiting for more. We fixed the problems for the afternoon presentation, but again, the script went out the window.

Sometimes (ie, today) this is a good thing.

This evening, I'm going to april_tehe's 21st birthday party where I'll do a whole lotta staying sober because that's what I do. She and her boyfriend just broke up, and I just hope she's doing as well as she sounded on the phone. I also hope that other Rocky Horror people will be there, because I'd like not to have to be the one in the corner whom nobody else has ever met. In fact, I'm gonna show up a few minutes late so that somebody else takes that position, and I can befriend them. Oh, and I want to finish my laundry before I leave.

Anyway, since everyone's been posting this today:

My inner child is an asshole

My inner child is an asshole!

I've always known this. Nothing new here. Move along.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
brought to you by Quizilla

Yeah, that figures.

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