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Real men listen to S3M files.

Wow. What a totally unproductive, but totally enjoyable day.

I had taken today off to get things done. I was really going to do it, too. But then yesterday I found out that Sean was in town. Sean has probably been mentioned on this journal in the past. We were in high school together, and he worked with Tom and I when we did The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in forensics. He also worked on the Us (Not Them Productions) version of HHG. He's an incredibly clever, funny guy who nobody sees often enough, mostly because he lives in Eau Claire now. The last time I heard from him was June 11th, 2003, when he was briefly in town for whatever reason. We wanted to hang out, but he was only in town for that night and I was seeing Da Vinci's Notebook for by birthday. He wasn't able to come. I received copies of Shaft and Shaft in Africa, and Sean went to Japan.

Today he and Caleb were hanging out with Monica and crabmoon though, so I hung out with them instead. I ended up driving us up to State Street where we walked around in the sweltering humidity. We stopped in at a few places, but nobody bought anything except lunch at Chipotle. I was hoping to find a messenger bag (which is the one birthday gift I'm getting for myself), but no dice. I avoided the one store that definitely has what I'm looking for on the assumption that I can't afford it there. Oh, and Monica bought an orange/banana slushie. Other than that, no commerce occurred.

What did occur was a lot of catching up, acting stupid, and generally having a good time.

Monica rented a couple of movies at Four Star, and we went back to her place to watch them, but I had to leave shortly into I Huckabee's, which was fine since I've seen it. I got home, threw in a load of laundry, and practiced with Offbeat.

Anyway, tonight I'm gonna try a little something... YouSendIt is a service that allows you to send files which otherwise would be too large to attach to an e-mail. I'm testing it by uploading a mix CD I made back in high school. If you're impatient, you can follow this link. Otherwise, the explanation of this CD is below.

Back when I was about 15, I loved MOD files. Remember MOD files? 'Course you don't. I know wyrdsatyr has worked with them, but most people don't have any idea that they even existed.

Somebody with more time and motivation could do a little research, but basically, MOD is a music format which was developed in the late '80s on the Commodore Amiga. It's an abbreviation of "module," and is basically (this is an oversimplification, by the way) a MIDI file with samples encoded in it. A MIDI file just contains instructions for your computer to play music, and sounds radically different depending on which brand of hardware it's played on. A MOD file not only sounds the same on every computer, but since the sound samples are right in the file, the composer has a great deal more control over how it sounds. It's like writing music with SoundForge, except that you need to have better math skills.

I used to download scads of MOD files, but unfortunately, they could only be played on a computer. When I got my first CD burner (2X write, 8X read, no RW support), one of the earliest mixes I made consisted of what were my favorite MODs at the time. I ran into it the other day while I was organizing, and was dismayed to learn that the CD had warped and was unplayable. Luckily, I have a data CD chock full of MOD files, so I was able to replicate it from the tracklisting I had printed out. Much of what is on this CD is embarrassing to me now (Curtis' Shuffle? Grasshoppers are Green?), but if you're willing to overlook the title of My Dick in Her Mouth, you'll find that it's pretty fantastic given the tools on which it was originally composed. This is what I was listening to while y'all were obsessing over Hootie and TLC. I'm not sure which of us had worse taste.

Anyway, the link is to a 64-meg zip file containing 22 MP3s and a tracklist. Some of the songs are covers and in a few cases I don't know the original composers, but all are freely available for download elsewhere in MOD format, so I don't imagine that anybody's too worried about piracy. The file will be up for one week, per YouSendIt's policy. Grab it here: Colin's MOD Mix.
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