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Weekend Update of Speed and Time

Yeah, I'm running out of Weekend Update titles. But let's see... It's 11:34 right now, I wonder if I can get this post written before midnight? Not likely, but I'll try. Consequently, it may be full of the sort of spelling errers I usually catch when I spend two hours agonizing over a livejournal post. Anyway:

It's been a nice birthday weekend. On Friday night, Ellen took me out to Uno's, and I lied to her a lot. I'm not sure why or how this happens, but about 60% of what comes out of my mouth when I'm with Ellen is a lie, and she knows it. I will never understand why she puts up with this, or even why I do it. We had a nice time at the restaurant, though, and she was willing to sit by quietly as I dialed random phone numbers in order to find out who they belong to on the pretext that I'm writing my own phone book. I didn't actually do it, but she was willing to let me.

On Saturday, I ran a bunch of errands -- nothing too exciting -- and took a nap. What a great birthday. Oh, but on Saturday night I called Keith to see what he was up to, and the answer was "getting off work," so I drove down to Janesville to hang out with him.

This is the first time in more than a year (possibly more than two years) that I've hung out with Keith with the specific intent to hang out with Keith. Usually I'm hanging out with Tom, and Keith just happens to be around, which is too bad since Keith and I used to be darn near inseparable. That changed when I got a regular, first-shift job. Suddenly, I was no longer available for late nights. Eventually I moved to Madison and Keith moved to Milton, and then Janesville. I didn't feel like making that drive on a regular basis, and since he now works second shift, it's difficult to find a time when we're both available. Turns out we're usually both available on the weekend, but most of my friends are unable to hang out during the week, and hanging out with Colin has become a coveted rarity. I don't get it either.

Anyway, Keith and I watched The Wizard of Speed and Time, which, of course, he enjoyed. crabmoon showed up after she finished work, and we all went to Perkin's where we the conversation topics ranged from Invader Zim, lord_alucard's dubious relationship with his ex, and the oft-discussed, never-produced Captain Spleen audio drama. Rest assured that it's coming. After Perkin's (I should probably break the paragraph here, but I'm not gonna. Tough it out.), crabmoon went home and we watched Bubba Ho-Tep, which Keith hadn't seen because lord_alucard refuses to see it. Neither one of us is sure why -- he's a big Bruce Campbell fan, and Bubba Ho-Tep is like, the best performance I've ever seen Bruce give. Oh, well. I drove home around 2:00 and missed out on bartime traffic (thanks to the interstate), but drove past a very nasty accident. I forgot to look it up when I got home, but I'm sure it's been reported on by now. Have to check on that once I've posted this.

Today my cousin Maggie had her graduation party. I saw a lot of family, and met a bunch of her friends. By met I mean "shook hands with." Her dad stopped by, and this is the first time I've seen him since I was in high school. My uncle Theodore is African-American, and this didn't sit so well with my mom's parents, so he was usually absent from family gatherings. The story is that one day he and his kids ran into my grandfather in the grocery store, and they sort-of kind-of made up. Theodore's a great guy, an accomplished artist, and incredibly intelligent, but as I said, we so rarely see him because, I imagine, the whole family situation made him feel uncomfortable. Well, that and he and my aunt divorced a little while back. Things are amicable between them now, though, and it was really cool to see him and some of the paintings and sculpture he's been working on. Uh, I'm digressing. The food was good, the conversations were as good as any conversations I'm involved in (it's my fault, not yours), and I got leftover fruit and pasta salads out of it, which is not the reason I attended, but a nice side benefit nonetheless.

This evening I hung out with agaysexicon and fuzzyinthehead. We rented Full Metal Jacket and Death to Smoochy, neither of which I'd seen before. I know, I know. Blah blah blah blah Kubrick blah blah blah brilliant blah blah blah sacriledge not to have seen it before blah blah blah jelly donut. Whatever. I enjoyed both immensely, though Full Metal Jacket was, you know, the better movie. Death to Smoochy is just fun, but the critics were not kind to it when it came out, which is really too bad. For all it's foibles, Death to Smoochy deserves a bit of credit for not looking or feeling quite like anything else I've ever seen before.

Oh, I got phone calls while I was watching the movies. If you called me and I didn't answer, I'm sorry.

Alright! It's 11:58. That's not too bad. I'm stayin' up, though, because I took Monday off.
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