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"To me, with frank admiration."

So the last couple of days have registered zero on the excitement meter, but I'm writing about them anyway.

Yesterday's United Way Car Wash which I was so worried about went off without a hitch, much to my surprise and that of the girl who was coordinating it with me. I had a class to go to in the afternoon, so she handled some of it and did the cleanup, for which I was very grateful. Heather and I have a tendancy whenever we're working on stuff like this to shoot each other frantic last minute request e-mails that end with phrases like "you rock!" and "you're the best!" and "my boss won't let me go home early. Will you talk to her?"

For a long time I thought that Heather was the brains of the operation, and I was just the PR, but this time we worked more like a tag team. It's becoming increasingly clear to me that she doesn't fully appreciate how lost I'd be without her. Heather is much more assertive and better at managing resources than I am. My new theory is that if we worked separately, neither of us would get anything done. Heather's workload is too high to devote herself, and I'm intimidated by large tasks. Together though, we're really good at flying by the seat of our pants. That's two pair of pants, of course, not just one. She's married and all that.

Two pair of pants. Two pairs of pants. Pair. Pairs. I don't know. The dictionary says that either one is an acceptable plural. I've always said "pair," but it looks weird when I read it.

Today nothing much of interest happened. I went to Big Lots over my lunchbreak and picked up the largest off-brand version of Ziploc bags I could find. Since it's my birthday on Saturday, they're passing a card around and I accidentally found it so I wrote a small "to-do" list inside of it, which is not as funny in retrospect as it was at 2:00 this afternoon.

Oh well.
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