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Special Gold Box price: $3.82 You save $0.12!

For those unfamiliar, Amazon provides a service they call Gold Box () where every day you get the option of purchasing one of ten discounted items. The items are chosen based on what Amazon thinks you like, and you look at each item one at a time, choosing either to buy it or skip it. If you decide to skip an item you can't come back to it, and if you purchase something or go through all ten items, your Gold Box is becomes unavailable for another 24 hours. There are some more details and provisos, but that's the gist of it.


For a long time I was ignoring my Gold Box because it usually offered me kitchen appliances, but I check it out a couple of times a week now because these days the selections are closer to what I'd actually buy. Granted I've never purchased anything out of my Gold Box because it's generally full of H.P. Lovecraft collections and They Might Be Giants albums which I already own, but every once in awhile they throw something cool in there. I like having the chance to foolishly pass up the good stuff so that I can also pass up a Cuisinart.

Tonight, however, my Gold Box contained eight different no-frills editions of Night of the Living Dead, one $14 digital organizer (read: "calculator bundled with Post-It!™s"), and a spatula which had been reduced by twelve cents to a special Gold Box price of $3.82.

That's gotta be the loudest karmic "don't spend your money on crap!" message I've ever received.

I dunno, though. Even at the inflated price of $3.95 (+ $4.59 shipping, handling and inefficiency), that spatula is calling to me.
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