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Disappointing post

I'm cleaning tonight, and will probably be up way too late doing it. Cleaning has a numbing effect on me, so if you're not looking for something specific in this post, you may do better to skim it. Organizing is probably a more appropriate word than cleaning, though. I'm going through all my stuff and deciding what to keep and what to save. This is probably the fifth time I've done it in the last year, and I'm finally starting to make a dent. I may only have to rent four U-Haul trucks when I move out.

Anyway, I hope everybody had a pleasant Memorial Day weekend. I'm pretty sure I did. On Friday night and Saturday, I hung out with Ribs and reminisced about old times when he was a Tiny Fool. There will probably be a post here about that soon, since I get all weepy-like when I think about the good times I used to have running down from the balcony to kick the snot out of him every Saturday night. Oh, we signed our lease, which is a load off everybody's minds. Apparently I'm also featured in a promotional video for his Weight Loss Revenge World Tour, but I'm too embarrassed to discuss it here. Ellen and I got together in the evening, and she finally watched Galaxy Quest. She liked it because, you know, everybody likes Galaxy Quest. Even this guy.

I pretty much spent Sunday enjoying the weather and composing June's MP3 of the Month (not at the same time, of course), which will probably be up by the time you read this ('cuz as of this writing, June's less than two hours away). In the evening I called evil_jim to see what he was up to. He and matt_william were apparently just standing around being angry at Jim's new bookcase, which was packaged sans assembly hardware. I came over, and we stood around talking about video games, movies, and generally had a good time, except that I ended up going home (and thus to bed) a lot later than I'd planned, which really messes up my internal clock.

Yesterday was Memorial Day at the parents' house. My sister brought her boyfriend James whom my mother hadn't met yet, and I think he made a good impression. I was pretty quiet because, as I said, my internal clock was not quite where it should be, and I didn't really wake up all day. Monica had a gathering at her place in the evening, and I went to that but again, I was tired to the point that I don't remember most of it or even who was there, other than the usual suspects. No renny1780, I did not forget that you beat me at Apples to Apples. I'm not sure how I can live with myself after that.

Oh, but um, I had a good time.

Today I went to work. That's it. I did some laundry, and like I said, I'm organizing. My closet looks a lot better than it did yesterday, until I consider the fact that most of it is strewn across the floor of my bedroom.
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