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Memorial Day links dump

  • RetroCrush lists the top 100 TV show themes of all time. Somehow The Simpsons only manages #62, but at least Twin Peaks got #9. Anyway, they've got downloads for each song. Check it out.

  • Sex advice from accordion players, courtesy of The Nerve. It's probably better that I just leave this one undiscussed.

  • FractalSpin is kind of like a high-fashion version of ThinkGeek, 'cept that instead of selling Penny Arcade t-shirts, they sell MIDI plug keyrings and necklaces made from 6 amp diodes. I'm so glad I'm broke until Tuesday because it's given me time to reconsider retooling my wardrobe to make me look like a Mad Max extra.

  • Classic99 is a TI-99/4A emulator which comes preloaded with a bunch of games, including crappy knockoffs of Pac-Man and Space Invaders, the only fun version of Hunt the Wumpus I've ever played (not that anyone else remembers that game), and a really primitive RPG called Tunnels of Doom. This is the computer I first cut my geek teeth on. Wil Wheaton, too, apparently. Worth downloading for a space shoot-'em-up called Parsec, which, unfortunately, is missing the speech synthesis from the original version.

  • The Splu Urtaf Show has updated with more clips, which means that those of you with Quicktime can watch both episodes of Supershooter, the Salsa Chassis commercial, and When the Lord Attacks from the comfort of your computer desk.

  • The Condensed History of Everything is a short read that presents the big picture, from the last funny Garfield strip (approx. 15,000,000,000 years ago) to the crash of the global economy (next Tuesday).

  • Okay, so maybe you took three days off to stand in line for Star Wars Episode III. At least you didn't dress your dog up as Princess Leia or Darth Vader.
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