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"If you and I had any brains, we wouldn't be in this place..."

Today has been a long day.

Actually though, let's start with last night. Last night Offbeat sang on State Street -- sorry I didn't invite all of you, but I'm happy to report that we went over well enough. We moved around a bit, drew a few small groups of listeners, and made a little money. The campus area is pretty dead this time of year, especially when it's colder than usual (as it was last night).

Today and tomorrow my coworkers and I were and will be at a MasterCard seminar being held offsite. I'm sorry I got carried away with the "and"s there. I love this stuff -- it gets me away from my desk and it's fun. Unfortunately, I hate the prospect of having work pile up while I'm gone. It's just two days. It's no big deal. But I don't look at it that way.

Anyway, the presenter at the seminar said something today that more or less sums up my feelings about my job:
"I'm sure that most of you have been working in credit dispute resolution and fraud detection for years and don't plan on leaving soon. Look at me; I've been doing it for 30 years -- since I was eight. Yours is a position that a lot of people stay in for a long time. Why? It's fun. It's incredibly entertaining, and it never stops being challenging because the operations end of the payment services industry -- that's where you folks are -- is constantly going through drastic changes. It's sink or swim, and most people, if they manage to swim, want to do so for a long, long time."
Obviously I've paraphrased that -- anyone who knows me recognizes "incredibly entertaining" as my codeword for "incredibly entertaining." She's right, though. I love me job when the workflow isn't really slow, as it was recently (was -- it's picked up quite a bit). I've been saying for almost four years that I'm "kinda sorta looking at my other options," but I simply don't have any better options because at the moment this is what I really want to do. One day I'll move on to something else, but that day doesn't forseeably occur anytime soon.

That said, today was a blast because, once again, it didn't happen at my desk.

After work I got the phone call informing me that ribsinbacon, RJ and I got the duplex we looked at. Lease signing happens on Saturday. Will it all end in tears? I doubt it. Those who warn me that it will probably don't quite have a realistic grasp on my relationship with Ribs. I'm more worried about living with RJ simply because I have no experience with him, but I believe very sincerely that I can handle it. I risk offending people who might read this journal if I say why I believe this (no, I'm not complaining about Nate or xoshua or my family...), but I've dealt with a situation that's worse than anything I expect them to throw at me. Besides, this place is *exactly*² where I want to live, and in my ideal price range.

After that call, I hung out with Tom who'd taken the bus up from Janesville. We made a run to Westfield Comics and to Half-Price Books because Janesville does not (apparently) have a good comic book store or any used book stores worth mentioning. Afterward we had dinner at Stillwater's and ice cream at the Memorial Union. Talked a great deal about the future (Tom wants to move back to Madison), the past (Tom used to live in Madison), and rap music (Note to self: replace this text with something about Tom and rap music in Madison), which is not a usual topic of conversation for us. It was a nice evening.

Oh, on an unrelated note, I know I told you to watch this video a couple of months ago, but I don't think that very many of you did. Seriously. Watch this video all the way through. It's in QuickTime and it's small enough for dialup. The girl in it works in our customer service department, and I think her name is Deserae.
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