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Happy Victoria Day! all the Canadians on my Friends list. I don't recall having any actual Canadians on my Friends list, but I could be wrong. Happy Victoria Day anyway.

So this was a fairly full weekend. On Friday night Ellen and I got together and ate Chinese food. Then we went to University Square and saw a movie with agaysexicon, fuzzyinthehead, and nocturne152. I got home around 1:00 in the morning, but somehow managed not to go to bed until 3, and then not to fall asleep until about 4:00. I was wide awake around 8:30 but didn't get up until almost ten, which is just the way my body works.

ribsinbacon and I got together midday on Saturday to look at a duplex with RJ, whom most of you have met. The place we looked at is very attractive, being exactly where I'd like to live, exactly the sort of structure I was looking for, and exactly the price range I'd like. We applied then and there and everybody's keeping their fingers crossed, but the landlord gestured with his fingers the size of the stack of applications he had for the place, so I'm not as optimistic as I'd like to be. He acted optimistic, but what salesman doesn't?

After the showing, Ribs and I went to Farm & Fleet so he could buy a "hick costume" (bib overalls, cowboy hat, gloves) for his LARP. We grabbed a bite to eat, got angry with the sales clerk at Misty Mountain Games who answered every question with the words "mmm... don't know," and then went back to Ribs' place to watch Team America: World Police.

I don't know what I should tell you about Team America. I know that everybody else thought it was hysterical and audacious, but I just found it tedious. If I have any real praise for the movie, it's that it's fairly impressive on a technical level, and that they did a good job of offending everybody with any sort of belief, rather than playing heavily to one side or the other. Otherwise though, it's like a 98-minute episode of South Park with no good jokes. Jerry Bruckheimer already makes movies like this, and his are unintentionally funny. Doing it with marionettes and toilet humor doesn't change anything, except maybe that everybody emotes on a Ben Affleck level. I know that most of my friends liked Team America and maybe it would have been better in a theater full of roaring college students, but I wouldn't watch it again.

I was feeling sluggish by the time I got home, so I spent Saturday evening relaxing. I took a nap which lasted about half an hour, and tried simultaneously to read and watch Warning from Space followed by Revolt of the Zombies. I did more reading than watching, so I can't really summarize either film. I also found out in the middle of one of the movies that my friend Robert was visiting town, and the three people who had sworn that they'd inform me of this beforehand had completely failed to do so. I had a brief and incoherent conversation with Robert over a cell phone which picked up the voices of people ten feet away from him almost as loudly as his own. I'd promised people I'd be at Rocky (and besides, I didn't want to drive all the way to Janesville to listen to other people LAN game and role-play), so I declined the invitation to hang out. Anyway, Rocky Horror happened later and was a better than average show thanks to the responsive audience. I was wide awake when I got home around 5:00 AM, which was not such a good thing.

On Sunday I went to my parents' house to celebrate my dad's birthday ("the 40th anniversary of my seventeenth birthday," as he puts it). When asked what he'd like for a gift, my dad usually makes a list of things like ballpoint pens and socks, but my sister and I made a contribution to Wisconsin Public Radio on his behalf, and I think he appreciated that. My mom made the last minute decision that we should forsake whatever other plans Dad had for his birthday (i.e., putting a fence around the garden) and see Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith instead. I probably would not otherwise have seen Episode III any time soon, since the people who promised and failed to tell me when Robert would be in town also promised and failed reserve me a ticket to the opening night showing which frankly, I'm not so annoyed about.

I won't attempt to review Revenge of the Sith, except to say that about fifteen minutes into the movie I had a disgusted "geez, not this crap again" reaction, and then at some point it became exponentially better. My verdict? It's a good movie, probably the best of this year's summer blockbusters and easily the best of the new Star Wars trilogy, but George Lucas just cannot write dialogue to save his life. He should also not work with CGI because it appears that what he really wants to do, more than anything else, is make a sub-par children's film along the lines of, oh, I don't know. Agent Cody Banks.

Having said all that, the good in Revenge of the Sith outweighs the bad (except, of course, in the storyline where it's deliberately the other way around). I enjoyed it a great deal, and would like to see it again. Not enough to pay theater prices, but that's more than I can say for most of the stuff I've paid to see. I can't believe I spent so much time in front of movies this weekend.
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