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Not ALL flavored coffee sucks.

Damn and blast.

In my haste to arrive at work in a timely fashion this morning (which didn't happen), I forgot to bring my checkbook to work.

I need my checkbook today. I need it because I need to go and write a new check for last month's cell phone payment. Today is the last day I can do it without having my service interrupted. I suppose I'll have to drive home during my lunchbreak, which is never cool -- especially now when they're working on our street. Monday morning I had to ask four different construction workers before one would move a bulldozer so I could get out of the driveway.

Why else am I late today? Because one of my roommates has been steadily pushing his shower time back a few minutes a week. We are (thankfully) the only ones in our half of the house who work first shift, and thus the only two who shower in the morning, but that's not the point. The point is that this morning my shower occurred half an hour later than it would have at this time last year -- 45 minutes later than in May, 2002. I had time to pack a rather elaborate lunch while I was waiting for the bathroom. I'm not happy about this. It's making me late to work. Having to deal with idiots who apparently don't know how to run a construction project in a residential area doesn't help either.

Once I got to work, I discovered that the Revolting Coffee Flavor of the Day is Candy Cane. It's actually really good. Really really good. I'm going to have to buy some, and since it's a seasonal flavor, it'm going to have to stock up and freeze some of it (unlike the Harvest Spice, which turned out to be nothing more than coffee with cloves (which is even more abhorrent than it sounds)).

Anyway, I'd made plans to go to Janesville tonight, and to have dinner with my father on Thursday, but Dad just cancelled because he has a funeral to attend (which frankly, I should go to, but I'm all funeraled out for the year), so I'm gonna see if I can switch my plans around.
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