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Ma Bell: Smut peddler

Okay, for those who didn’t know: God hates AT&T, MCI and Verizon. True, according to United American Technologies. Check out comedian (and my hero) Eugene Mirman’s conversations with their telemarketers, link courtesy of Fark. Then have a look at Mr. Mirman’s site.

Anyway, has anybody seen A Regular Frankie Fan? It’s a documentary about Rocky Horror fandom, sort of like what Trekkies did for Star Trek fans, except with more transvestitism and better music.

The focus is entirely on the floorshow and fanbase, with no history or interviews with those responsible for the original film. It’s not an earth-shattering expose of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (not that there’s much left to expose, anyway (“that’s right Frank, it’s your left ear.”)), but it would be good for fans who want to see how it’s done elsewhere and non-fans who don’t understand the fuss.

They still won’t understand the fuss, but when something you don’t get becomes the subject of a documentary, it takes on conspiracy-like proportions and you quit whining that you don’t get it for fear of being exposed as clueless. I am the master of the run-on sentence.

A Regular Frankie Fan is not particularly good as far as documentaries go, but those who still thirst after going week after week, month after month might find it fun. If I learned anything from the film, it’s that Madison’s preshow is incredibly tame. It should probably stay that way unless somebody wants to get sued.
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