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Food, family, and giant spiders

Family stuff all weekend, which isn't a bad thing.

On Saturday I went to Rockford, Illinois (as opposed to like, Rockford, Sweden) for my aunt's birthday party. She's approaching 70 and she's not really my aunt or even a great aunt, but she's somehow related on my mom's side. The distance between the members of my mom's extended family means that gatherings rarely involve more than my mom's immediate siblings and their kids, and my understanding of how exactly I'm related to, say, my uncle Charles is fuzzy at best. I refer to my uncle Charles as uncle because he's older and he's related, but he's probably a cousin of some sort.

Anyway, my aunt was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease about a year ago, and it's taking her over faster than anybody expected. I could tell right away when, after she greeted me, she turned to greet my aunt Patricia (my mom's sister -- I know that one, at least), and then greeted me again. It didn't take much conversation with her to see that she's not entirely in command of her faculties, and this saddens me.

Rather than dwell on that, I'll mention that I did get to see my cousin (relatively speaking (no pun intended)) Larry and his girlfriend Steph. Larry is a year or two younger than I am, and I haven't spoken with him since he graduated high school in 1999 because he's always busy with work. I guess he's doing computer support for some small school district in the LaCrosse area. He's also going to school for a degree that qualifies him to do the work he's currently doing. It was good to see him doing well.

There were also a lot of people I didn't know, most of whom were related in some way. Lots of cars with W '04 bumper stickers, and lots of sympathy for those of us who "have to live near all those Madison liberals." There was a lot of good food, and also a great deal of fried chicken from Wal-Mart which had a weird chemical taste.

On Saturday night I got together with fuzzyinthehead and went to the Bill Rebane festival at the Orpheum to see The Giant Spider Invasion. How some of these movies slipped by the Academy, I'll never know. Perhaps they have standards or something (not that you could tell from recent winners). We sort of accidentally met up with evil_jim, matt_william, and our friend Sarah. It was interesting. After the crappy movie, Mike Nelson and Kevin Murphy (the voice of Tom Servo) of Mystery Science Theater 3000 hosted a Q&A session with Bill Rebane, the director of the film. It was interesting. Afterward, Liz and I hung out for awhile (something that should happen more often), and I dropped her off to get ready for Rocky Horror. That is, I dropped her off so she could get ready for Rocky Horror. I didn't have much getting ready to do. I was fairly tired at this point, so I remember the rest of the evening as Rocky, Country Kitchen, and bed. I may, in my sleep-deprived stupor, have accidentally cast somebody in an important role for Captain Spleen. Nah, I'm just kiddin'. Scott's playing Kent. Jim's probably narrating.

Today I went to my parents' house, it being Mother's Day and all. I mowed the lawn and we had a fantastic meal. We went to a movie, and my mom sold the last of the puppies, which is something she's really happy about. I hope she had a happy Mother's Day, because it was pretty good from everybody else's perspective.
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