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Q: Why do postal workers get paid so much?

A: It's hard to find people who can work that slowly.

That's a joke I read in Mad Magazine when I was maybe ten or twelve. Yeah, I know -- the USPS actually works pretty friggin' fast, but just at this moment I'm not too happy with them.

Actually, I'm not even sure it's their fault, but it seems almost likely. I mailed a whole buncha bills in the middle of October, and not one of the checks has cleared. This is really perplexing. I mailed them all on the same day from a public mailbox. While I imagine it's possible that they might be lost during pickup because of a strong wind or something like that, the chances of that happening seem astronomically small. The chances of all of my bills being lost in that fashion seem even smaller. Another possibility is that they were chewed up in postal equipment. Every once in awhile we get items returned to us at work that have been mangled at the Post Office, but again, this happens so rarely, and it's incredibly unlikely that this would happen to all the bills I sent out. So what's going on? No idea. I do know that my car payment is covered -- back when I was living with my parents, I wasn't paying rent so I sent in a few double payments. On the other hand, I just got a call stating that my cell phone bill now reflects a late fee. That's right, at 8:30 PM their collections department is staffed by people who are all too happy to ask me to use their automatic bill payment system. Fat chance of that happening -- at work I see more credit card disputes involving double payments on automatic monthly billing than anything else.

Um, anyway, that's what's got me miffed right now. Well, that and the fact that the Big Scary Presentation I Have To Write is looming ominously enough that I worked a few hours of overtime tonight. I'll be needing sleep in a bit, but because I only got home a little while ago, 11:00 is going to feel like 7:00. I'll have to force myself to go to bed because I'd like to be coherent tomorrow.

Oh, by the way. Those of you who enjoyed my pineapples on Saturday night might be interested to know that I did some shopping this afternoon during my lunchbreak, and now have bananas and (light blue) pears.
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