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Coffee deprivation

Guess what this is? It's one of those "I have 30 minutes left at work and 30 seconds of actual work to fill it" posts. It's really not going well because I'm trying a little experiment the week where I'm not consuming caffeine after noon, and as a result I'm crashing about three hours earlier than normal.

Yesterday I checked out a possible living space for next year, but whether it will actually be available or not is still in question. Our tenor was sick, so Offbeat did not sing on State Street. I hope nobody showed up but I rather doubt that they did, thanks to the weather. Snow. In may. It's not right.

I also saw The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for a second time, and being ready for the differences made it much, much more enjoyable. Someone with more of a life than me would probably not have as many issues with the adaptation as I did, and I held my complaints at bay in my initial review since I knew the movie would be better the second time. It was, so if you wanted to enjoy the movie the first time but didn't, seeing it again might help. And since we're on the subject, here's the Beeblebrox for President Campaign Video.

I'm very tired. I should probably learn to consume less caffeine, because cutting myself off has really wiped me out. This must be why I'm so slothful on weekends.
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