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My day in .esrever

Right. So. Where to start (not that anything glorious has been going on)? Let's work through the day backwards.

6. Offbeat practice ran later than usual tonight, thanks to our learning James Taylor's Fire and Rain. We're picking it up really easily, mostly because it's like, the fourth simplest chord progression ever. That's not a criticism of the song, of course. I aim most of my criticism squarely at James Taylor for whom I have an irrational and near-violent dislike. This is well-documented among my friends, though not in this journal. James Taylor. What a jerk. Almost (not quite but almost) as bad as Elton John, Don Henley, and Marvin Gaye. Like I said -- irrational (usually).

5. Offbeat performs Sunday, May 1st on State Street around 3:00 PM. Be there or don't. The group wants to get into performing publicly more often, like they did before the hiatus which led to my joining. Selections to include that one song by that guy who did that other song, and probably The Lion Sleeps Tonight since every acapella group in the history of history itself has sung The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Can you tell I'm distracted as I write this? No? I can.

4. My boss is elsewhere on training through tomorrow. This would not normally be worth mentioning, except that she called about ten minutes before I usually leave to see who had taken off early. Guess who'd already gone? Everybody but me and two others. We get gold stars for the day -- everybody else gets yelled at.

Okay. As I glance back over those last couple of paragraphs, I realize that my writing is looking more and more like, well, it looks like something no sane, rational person would commit to paper livejournal if they wanted anybody else to read it. Let me settle down a bit...

3. During my lunchbreak I mailed a game that I'd auctioned on eBay. I got back to my car just in time to hear my phone inform me that I'd received a text message from a number that looks vaguely familiar, but doesn't belong to anybody on my contacts list. If I've spoken to you on the phone since October, 2003, your name is in the list, so I'm really not sure who it's from. The message reads as follows:
"Admit it this quote is funny. 'The internet means never having to forget what highschool was like.' Enjoy your Monday..."
Something about this strikes me as very slightly ominous, so I'm hesitant to call the number back. Perhaps it's Dave finally caught up with me? Lindsey? Michelle? None of you know these people (unless you are one of these people in which case, hello (Oh, that's right, I was going to write more like a normal person, wasn't I?). I should just do it and get it over with. Maybe I'll call from work tomorrow. Maybe I'll wimp out and not call from work tomorrow. The suspense is killing... well, no one. Let's get on with my morning.

2. I was the only person at work who drank more than one cup of coffee today. I'll give you one guess as to why. What? That's gross. No, it's because it was regular coffee-flavored coffee, praise be. This has never happened before. I was ecstatic, and I had more than half of the pot to myself. I may be up all night. Come to think of it, that might be why I'm writing like a monkey on electroshock therapy.

1. I had to wake up, which sucked. It wasn't the waking up that sucked -- really, I'm strongly in favor of any day on which I wake up. No, it was the having to wake up. I suppose these things are bound to happen when you become accustomed to the hot-towel amenities of employment, but I wouldn't mind setting my own wakeup time. That won't happen tonight though, since I have plans for early in the morning.

I think I oughta go to bed.
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