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Not sure why Mulder and Scully put up with those things...

I got my car taken care of yesterday. When I'd called around for estimates all of the shops I talked to were within $8 of each other, so I picked the one that could get my car in the soonest. They loaned me a Taurus which marks not only the first time I've driven a Ford, but also the first time I've sworn at one (at least while I was in it). As I pulled out of the lot, I saw that the fuel indicator was on E, so I stopped at a gas station on the way to work and put in a couple of bucks in gas. That was the plan, anyway, but it took me awhile.

First of all, I'm used to filling my car on the driver's side, and it occurred to me just as I was pulling up to the pump that I didn't know how I should orient the car, so I parked the way I usually do, discovered (not to my surprise) that I was on the wrong side, and drove up to another pump. Some of you will remember that last time I had a loaner car, the switch to open the gas compartment was inside the glove compartment. Not so in this case. The switch was on the floor where I expected it. It just didn't work.

I pulled the switch, got out of the car, found the compartment closed. I got back in, tried again, heard it click and got out, but no dice. I tried a third time while looking through the mirror on the passenger side only to discover that the compartment door was obscured by the wheel well. Okay, fine. I went into the glove compartment, retrieved the owner's manual, and discovered a manual release cord in the trunk. Perhaps this is common knowledge, but I've never owned a car where the gas compartment didn't open from the outside, so I didn't know.

The manual release didn't work either, but I eventually got it open by yanking the cord while prying at the door with a key. This is probably the reason the fuel tank was so close to empty when I picked it up. Yay perseverance.

Anyway, otherwise the repair went smoothly. The measly $2.18 I put into the Taurus means that it probably returned to the shop with more gas than it had when it left -- needle still on E.
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