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eBay is full of jerks.

Last month I sold something on eBay. Actually, it was a couple of somethings -- computer games -- sold to two different people. One of them left positive feedback: "Awesome! Super fast shipping, NEW as promised, great communication and service!" The other buyer also flagged our transaction as positive, but here's the text of his feedback: "Item description said 'factory sealed', item was opened. Shipping was late: D+"

Now, I don't know about you, but when a package still has its "security device enclosed" stickers intact to prevent you from opening it, I consider that factory sealed. Also, I received payment on Friday night and sent the item out Monday morning, so if shipping was late, well, that's probably the postal service's fault. The feedback was left on Friday, so it's hard to consider that "late."

We got into a little fight with the feedback responses, and he took back his statement that shipping was late. Was he lying? Did he back down because he felt intimidated? Fat chance of that one -- this is the Internet where you never have to confront anybody face to face.

Anyway, the same guy has bid on two other auctions I've set up since. The first I simply cancelled because I panicked when it occurred to me that he probably just wants to win another auction in order to leave negative feedback. The second auction now has a different high bidder, so we'll see where it goes.
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