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Are "Friends" Electric?

Really really fatigued right now.

Last night I went to Milwaukee with angelic667 and nocturne152 to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show as performed by Sensual Daydreams. What a good show. Of course, my sinuses have been in pretty lousy shape all weekend, so I had less voice than usual before we even got on the road, but it turned out not to matter much because we were sitting in the vicinity of (insert jarring chord here) The Harpy (as she was dubbed by r3507 at one of our shows). Most of the time I couldn't hear anyone else over her, and when I could it was because she'd finished shouting twenty seconds too early. Such is Rocky.

Anyway, there were like, 30,000 virgins present, and between their initiation and the reading of the rules, the film didn't start until 12:45. We sat with Phil and lillia_revan, but another group of former Tiny Fools cast members wisely chose to sit a bit further back (from The Harpy). Kyle came over and harrassed me about soup which totally bewildered most of the people sitting around me, and I got to shake hands with Dr. Frankenfurter after offering him a drink. The show ended around 2:45, and I foolishly failed to veto the idea of going out to eat after we got back to Madison, which means that I got to bed a little after 6:00 this morning.

Apparently my brain thinks my body should work on a different schedule, and it woke me up a little after 8:00. I did not get back to sleep, but I stayed in bed until 10:00, when I finally got up, took a shower, wrapped a gift, and took it over to devianttouch and wendybyrd's apartment for Jimi and sylversmoke's wedding shower.

I can't believe how many of my friends have livejournals, by the way.

The shower was a good time, and I hope Jimi and Amii like the coffee maker -- I don't understand how they've gotten along without one. Many of you were there along with Ellen, Jess and Lantry, and Wendy's sister whose name I can never remember, but I just don't want to go to all the trouble of typing out all the username tags to say who was there -- no offense intended, r3507, jinxedkisses, the_apricot, agaysexicon and fuzzyinthehead.

My post-shower plans got cancelled so I ended up getting together with april_tehe, and we had ice cream at Ella's Deli, where she was freaked out by the decor. We had a good discussion though, and she called her boyfriend Jon to inform him that she was eating ice cream with another man.

Now my body's telling me to go to bed, but it's only 7:40 PM and I'd like to sleep through the night so... I think I'm going to go through some of the crap I've been hoarding in order to simplify the move when it happens, and then I'm watching Clue.
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