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Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable, western spiral-arm of the Galaxy...

MP3s of the Month are up. Actually, they've been up since the first but I neglected to mention them until today. Five of them this time in anticipation of the upcoming Hitchhiker's Guide movie. Four have been taken from the ambitiously unfinished Us (Not Them Productions) recording of the radio series. I've linked directly to the files, but you'll get a better description from my website.
  • Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton: Part of the original radio series which was cut from subsequent versions of the story.

  • Vogon Poetry: The third worst poetry in the Universe, preceeded by a warning and a near-inaudible reading of the very worst poetry ever composed.

  • Infinite Improbability Drive: The science of lynchings, undergarments, and really hot tea.

  • Introduction to Fit the Third: The intro to the third episode of the series in which we learn about the planet Magrathea and its debilitating effect on the Galactic economy. Features a cameo by Meg Ryan.

  • Journey of the Sorcerer: My arrangement of the Eagles song chosen by Douglas Adams to bookend each episode of the radio series. I've always wanted to do my own version, and I doubt that it will appear in the movie.
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