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Son of Weekend Update 4: The Reckoning

Last weekend ended up being pretty good.

Friday I stayed in and did nothing social. I honestly don't remember much of Friday night, except that I talked to Sean for awhile and took a walk at some point in the evening, and I got a bunch of stuff done. Not fun stuff that you'd like to hear about, just stuff that needed to get done. It was incredibly productive.

On Saturday Ellen and I met Tom on State Street. He came up from Janesville for the Wisconsin Film Festival and though he was having a good time, he mostly raved about having seen Sin City on Friday night. Tom's a sucker for a well-produced action movie, and I'm really not -- even when they involve Robert Rodriguez and/or Quentin Tarantino. I've learned to take with a grain of salt Tom's opinion of anything involving Messrs. Rodriguez and Tarantino, since he fawns over their work the way I gush over anything new by They Might Be Giants. I don't like seeing movies in theaters unless it's a social outing, so I'll wait until I get invited to see it (which probably won't happen again since I turned down two invitations on Friday) or until somebody at my house buys it.

Uh, as I was saying, Tom, Ellen and I went to Gino's on State Street, had an awfully good dinner, and stood around waiting for his film (whatever was playing 8:00 at the Orphem) to start. The line stretched about two blocks and his plan was to jump in when the end of the line reached us, but watched people file into the theater for ten or fifteen minutes before he gave up and went to the back of the line.

On Sunday night I went to my friend Monica's house. She'd gotten some friends together -- Linsday, Tick, Nettie and Ahnika whom I may not have mentioned here before, Ahnika's roommate whom I may not have even met before, evil_jim, renny1780, Caleb whom I've mentioned before but whom I never see...

We played Apples to Apples and DDR. Well, some people (not me) played DDR... A few of us vehemently refused to do so. When I play Apples to Apples I always play ironic cards to appeal to the judge's sense of humor, but it usually doesn't work, and I've never won a single round of the game until last night when I cleaned up and was declared the winner. Hint: "cocaine" coupled with "calm" cracks everybody up, but in certain company "feminists" coupled with "adorable" gets you glared at.

I got home around quite late, went to bed at midnight:30 (which I promised myself I was not going to do anymore), and now I'm at work where my friend Lauri keeps coming over to make jokes about the Pope's death, and where I've just received this letter:
"Dear sir: The guy left a giant stan on the matris. Stan could not be tooken out. Thank you."
I'm not sure what, exactly, I'm supposed to do with that.
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