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“Who the hell Saran Wrapped my stapler?!”

I dont get into April Fools Day, but apparently people I work with do.

Before my supervisor came in today, some of my coworkers decorated her cubicle. It took her awhile to see it because she'd brought in bagels in honor of our annual raise, which kicks off today.. She spent a good fifteen minutes setting them up (ie, opening the carton and setting a plastic knife on top of the cream cheese -- hard work), and greeting people before she made her way to her cubicle.

When people saw she was heading that way, they started gathering around the other side of the bank of cubes so they could hear her reaction. There was a moment of silence, and then she yelled "Benjamin!" in her best Hanna-Barbera boss voice ("Flintstone!"). Ben got a little red in the face (because it was his work, after all), and Lauri said "I figure you have a 50/50 chance that she isn't mad."

We all went around the bank and watched her try to break the wall of Saran Wrap, first by poking and prodding, then by kicking it Jackie Chan-style (which didn't work, either). Eventually she made a dent big enough to let all the balloons out. She wasn't angry, of course, but the AEG still got yelled at, first for letting Ben do it, then for admitting her own involvement. We threw the balloons into a vacant office and everybody had a good time which I'm sure totally fails to come across in text.

This is the second time, incidentally, that the now-vacant office has been filled with balloons during the tenure of my employ here. Last time was when my boss' boss was out on vacation for two weeks. The office is basically a cubicle with windows and a door, closed her blinds so that she wouldn't know anything was up.

The day she came back, she opened the door, got covered in balloons, had a good laugh, and sternly told everybody in the department -- even those who hadn't been involved -- to take their lunchbreak right now and clean up the mess by popping the balloons as quietly as possible. I was on the phone with a bank at the time so I couldn’t take part in the popping, and the woman I was talking to said, "what's going on over there? It sounds like you're popping balloons."

"That's actually what we're doing,” I said.

She didn’t believe me. Most folks were a little offended that they had to drop what they were doing and take their lunch three hours earlier than usual, but (probably because I wasn’t involved) I thought it was pretty funny.

Anyway, this being April Fools Day, a lot of websites are running gag pages. Here are a handful of my favorites:
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