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"I don't want Chinese food. We just had Chinese food a couple of scenes back."

I just finished watching the original version of Gorman Bechard's Psychos in Love. I'd never seen it before.

Wow. Just -- just -- Wow.

For those who've forgotten, Psychos in Love was adapted as a play a couple of years back by Rob Matsushita and ran at Broom Street Theater. Despite my best efforts and the cheaper-than-a-movie ticket price, none of you went to see it (except rob_matsushita (duh) and probably matchstyx). It's a damn shame, too -- you would've liked it ('cept for the "tripple thick" joke. That was nasty, Rob.).

Anyway, Psychos in Love: It's a romantic comedy! It's a slasher film! It's 88 unhealthily entertaining minutes of rule-breaking cinema! Joe and Kate are serial killers who hate grapes but love each other. Can they maintain a marriage and their hobbies? Or should they just content themselves by snuggling on the couch watching slasher films? Why did Kate just push the boom mic out of the shot? And what's the deal with that plumber who shows up every few scenes to kill his clients and eat their fingers?

Psychos in Love joins a small list of movies which you've probably never seen and which are either brilliant or deplorable -- I'm not entirely sure, but at least i's in good company with The Wizard of Speed and Time, Dark Star and Forbidden Zone.

evil_jim, this is Anime Craptacular material. emjay42, you'd love this movie. Speaking of which, do you ever want your VHS copy of Rustler's Rhapsody back? Sorry I've kept it so long. Really, honest, I am.
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