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I'm just getting back to work after the tornado warning, as I imagine many of the rest of you are. Oh, for the rest of you, the far East side of Madison was just under a tornado warning. I got to spend a great deal of time in our Training Room with probably eighty other people. It was hot and uncomfortable, and with my emotions responding heavily to the barometric pressure, I just didn't want to be there. Imagine being the only attached and monogamous person in a singles bar full of people you don't want to talk to, and you can't leave because your ride is presently chatting up somebody you know she wouldn't want to wake up next to -- that's what it felt like.

It was a actually a clever metaphor when we were packed into the Training Room like sardines, and I include it here to give you an idea of how lousy and inattentive I feel right now. I wish I could be eloquent or at least entertaining, but right now I just can't. It's the weather.
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