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November 5th, 2003

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11:59 pm - King James, Isaiah 54:16
I'm writing this post later than it says I am, so it may not be coherent.

I just just got back from seeing The Matrix Revolutions with my sister and her boyfriend. Early reaction is more or less good, especially after the "New Matrix flick sucks so bad it could pull the moon out of its orbit" link (which actually reads like the rant a Matrix fanboy would post to discredit Matrix detractors) posted on Fark today.

About twenty minutes in though, I realized that the Other Holy Trinity of movies basically follows the same formula as the original Star Wars series: The first film introduces the basic operating concepts of the universe, and contains a full story arc in case box office sales negate a sequel. The second film deepens the story by unmasking some of the major concepts and making some huge earth-shattering revelation. The main character loses a hand (whoops, that only happened in Empire). The third film goes crazy with special effects and does something to piss me off. Namely the adulteration of muppets in Jedi, and reminding me of my brief high school obsession with MechWarrior in Revolutions.

's okay.

No, The Matrix Revolutions is just hard, fast and fun. Not a lot of substance to it. I definitely preferred Reloaded to this one, and I think the ending of the trilogy was a cop out. There were two places I wanted the ending of Revolutions to go, and it didn't do either. I think they both would have been better choices. Keep in mind that any time one film deliberately ends a series, a lot of people will complain about the ending.

It's also worth pointing out that I hated the first Matrix film. Actually, I didn't hate it at first, but I got really sick of it. Most of my friends in high school were a year my junior, and The Matrix came out on DVD the very same weekend that they were all home from their first semester at college. I went to a lot of parties that weekend. I saw The Matrix at least five times in bits and pieces.

I was studying computer programming, and I began to find flaws in the movie. Not little "unbuttoning-rebuttoning shirt" flaws, but enormous drive-a-truck-through-the-plot-hole flaws. I don't know where to begin -- you couldn't design a system with so many problems. It would simply collapse on itself. The Matrix Reloaded cleared this up quite a bit. It didn't fix the plot holes, mind you, but it allowed for them. I doubt that the Wachowski were worried about justifying the story to computer programmers; they just expanded the plot in a way that worked really well for me. So the second movie I loved.

The third movie takes "kick ass, wow the audience" approach. It's fun, and while it may not be the almost-cerebral experience Reloaded was, it needs the framework of the first two movies to stand. Given that, it's a good (enough) film, and it certainly pushes the envelope. I might not shell out $8 to see it in a theater again, but it's probably the best trilogy of action films released entirely since my birth. I had to put all those stipulations in there to disqualify the Other Other Almost Holy Sort Of Trinity of movies, the Killer Tomatoes series (which began in 1977 (prior to that, even, if you count the original Super 8 version), has four films (possibly five soon), and doesn't really count as action).

Besides, it's only a movie.
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Date:November 8th, 2003 09:24 am (UTC)

Re: Flamage!

You can skip the first paragraph if you're bored.

Let me state, perhaps a little more clearly my issue with the MWIAM ending: it renders the whole series of movies unimportant. If we get to that, the part of Reloaded, where it's revealed that this series of events HAS happened before multiple times, becomes just another part of that cycle and we're left in just a circle. Not significant. Why make show all this if it isn't different. But that's contrary to the whole point of the movie that SOMETHING (even if it is Neo's incredible lack of genetalia) is different. MWIAM gets us to that very point of insignificance, because we end up exactly where we began and the cycle is complete. As Kyle rightly pointed out, that would be "the work of a cunning sadist." While the MWIAM is hinted at in the scene I mentioned above, it just won't work. It's supposed to be an ending of a trilogy, but MWIAM doesn't actually end anything and I'd leave the theatre pissed off because there was no point to the whole thing and my spending a combined $24 over the years to see them all was spent to see something completely unimportant. Basically, for me, the MWIAM ending gives Spaceballs a more significant ending.

Just for a quicker summary: MWIAM for me, is just a sign of bad writing. This pisses me off. It renders the entire plot and story meaningless and insignificant. This pisses me off further. (What? I'm a writer! These things piss me off to no end.) So it's just a cop out from a resolution, which is the entire point of an end. Again, that pisses me off.

I tend to agree with you that what's needed is a nice slaughtering of the protagonists. I don't like them either really, but you have to admit, that they ARE sympathetic. And pathetic. But there are many fun ways to screw over all the protagonists in the end. Like I said before, I'm all for that, as they actually aren't any characters, because there's no growth, no room for growth and their path is already set, just like a Bond film. The appeal for me, is in the characters that are unwitting characters. I'm pretty sure Agent Smith wasn't supposed to be a character, but a more of a stagnant, consistent personality. Instead, he truns into this great, Ahabish person capable of growth (not just multiplication, mind you). I'd like to see Revolutions and get HIS perspective, so that when what I'm going to assume is the predictable hollywood ending (where the Protagonists succeed and humanity prevails over those cute, hunter-seeker killing machines) happens, it becomes a tragic ending. I don't expect this to happen, but it's my only fantasy for that movie. That, and a lot of bloodflow, pools of blood and dismembered protagonists.
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