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Is this good for the company?

Attn: matchstyx and spidermoon77: This post contains stuff you may not be supposed to know about yet. Y'all need to either not read it, or keep your mouths shut for awhile.

Raarrrr. Today has not been a glorious day.

It started off okay. I was up earlier than I'd expected, and so I quickly made a bunch of MP3s of some of the compositions I've been working on and loaded them to my MP3 player to see how they'd sound in my car. The result? Crap. Complete and utter crap. The mixing on my PC's speakers is really off, so in the car, the bass was uberloud, the clarinets were too loud... Ugh. We (I) gotta fix that. I've decided that the logical response is to disconnect the speakers I'm using, and reconnect a really cheap set that I haven't been using. There's nothing wrong with it, but it only has one volume control (where the nicer set has one for each speaker). The upshot of this is that everything I've ever heard on the cheap speakers has sounded fine, and with a single volume knob, it (hopefully) won't be the equipment throwing off the mix. There's also a headphone jack on the woofer, so I'll be able to get a second opinion from that.

Back to my morning... I had a meeting this morning. Meetings happen all the time in my job. They have to, because the way I do my job is governed by a constantly shifting set of rules and regulations. Each time Visa or MasterCard makes some stupid little change ("stupid" meaning "insignificant" in regard to MasterCard, and "stupid" in regard to Visa), we have to go over it in a meeting. It's no big deal. Today's meeting was a big deal, however.

Today's meeting was with the site manager. In the hierarchy of the company, if the (let's get a little blasphemous here, shall we?) Holy Trinity resides at the corporate office, our site manager is King -- a direct descendant of the Divine. He's not a scary guy. In fact, he's unbelievably approachable, which is a little weird. In every other job I've ever had, this person has had his own freakin' elevator, and an executive washroom with monogrammed faucet handles. His job title is still intimidating -- I always remove my signature line ("Okay then.") from any e-mail I send him.

Anyway, the meeting was between him, myself, and the girl I ran the United Way campaign with. Guess what it was about? Not United Way, that's for sure. Somehow, we managed to get our collective foot in a door that we didn't realize was open. We've been asked to put together a skit. A fun skit. With props and music and the whole nine yards. Actually, there's a theme all picked out, and there's a lot we can do with it. Our site manager is going to be the main speaker, and he's perfectly comfortable with hamming it up onstage. It should be a lot of fun to write.

The thing is, it's a sales pitch. Not to external clients (thankfully -- I probably couldn't write something like that successfully), but to our own employees. The company is setting a goal, and this presentation is going to help kick off the initiative to get it done. I'm all stressed out because it's we've been asked to come up with a basic script -- ten to fifteen minutes of material -- in two days. Overtime will be worked because, well, they don't pay me to sit around waiting for projects like this. The other thing is that the theme is already picked out for us. This is good because it means they already know kind of what they're looking for us to do. This is bad because the theme is NASCAR and I know practically nothing about NASCAR. Luckily the girl I'm working with does. She'll write the script. I'll add the jokes. Or something.

Anyway, tomorrow will be script writing, and very little else. In fact, when I left work early today (to go home and sleep), I brought all the materials I have pertaining to the presentation so I can study them. Bah. Fun stuff. Anyway, with any luck the presentation will be rad and entertaining.

Oh, and I never did get around to watching a movie with a number in its title last night. I almost watched High Fidelity, but then I got busy with a piece I'm working on called Filthy Little Rodents. It sucks. I like it.
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