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The Long, Dark, Quitting-Time of the Soul

I hate workdays like this.

There comes a point before I go home in the afternoon where I don't have enough work to last me through the rest of the day. I can't leave early because I committed myself months ago to being the guy who can hang around to take phone calls in the evening. I can't screw around online because there's only so much of that I can get away with before I start to feel really guilty. Sure, I have eBooks on my computer, but Lovecraft is always a taxing read, I just reread almost all of my Douglas Adams, and the Visa Resolve Online r5.1 manual is just not doing anything for me right now.

Sometimes I reach this point at 4:12 PM, other times at 4:48. Today it happened sometime around 3:20, and I've been looking busy since.

Most days are not like this. Indeed, most of the time when I post from work I start writing a little after 8:00 in the morning and make my actual post around the time I leave for the day. The text gets written in bursts between short tasks or when I need a break in the middle of a long one. Today's entry isn't one of those, however. I started this one at about 4:25, and (except for the occasional e-mail check) I'm just going to plow straight through until either I reach a logical endpoint or it's time to go.

I don't mean to imply through the ennui of my afternoon that this has been an uneventful day, however. Actually, a lot of things happened. We had one of our big, quarterly, "let's get status reports from all of our managers" meetings this morning. That's why my afternoon has been quiet. I had a bunch of time-sensitive tasks to complete after the meeting which caused me to miss my lunchbreak. By the time I was actually free enough to take it, I was alone and needed to stay here for the phone. Meh.

But what else? Well, I got to read a letter by an illiterate pottymouth who doesn't think he should receive overdraft charges just because he habitually overspends his debit card... Then I read a letter by a fellow who's upset that the movie theater he went to in Berlin "wouldn't turn on the English subtitles." I also have something on letterhead from the Timberlake family, with a note at the bottom proclaiming that they aren't related to Justin.

Oh, we just got a fax from someone who is upset that the pr0n site he pays $14.95/month for has pictures he's downloaded for free elsewhere. It's written in a slightly more gramatically-correct 733T5P34K, hence the "pr0n."

This is ridiculous. I need to find something to do.
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