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They may kick our ass, but they'll never kick our freedom!

So I'm sitting here tonight waiting for a game to install and for two eBay auctions to end. I haven't bid on either of the auctions, but if they don't shoot up exponentially toward the very end, I'll probably try to win both. One of them is almost guaranteed to jump in price due to the fact that it's a rather nice PDA, factory sealed. I can't figure out why this auction -- one of several on the same model -- has not a single bid, while all the others keep going up. Everything looks fine and the seller has a perfect feedback record. I don't get it.

Anyway, the game is Stupid Invaders, and one of my coworkers says that I just have to play it. Now before you point out that you've never heard of the game and that you can tell from the title that you'd hate it, I'd like to mention that I felt the same way when it came out. I'm taking Heather's word for it that I'll like it though, since it received rave reviews from the kind of people who have my taste in computer games. There aren't a lot of us around any more who like traditional "point-and-click" adventure games, and people who enjoyed Stupid Invaders were comparing it to Day of the Tentacle and the like. If I were the sort of person who felt comfortable making "Top X Games" lists, DotT would fit squarely into the top five. Maybe top three.

Ooh. There's a bid on that PDA. Dammit. Well, we'll see how the last minute or so of the auction pans out. I'll be back in a minute.

Well, just over two minutes, to be exact.

Two minutes, eighteen seconds later...

Woah. The bidding shot up during the last minute, and I won by entering mine around 0:08. I can't believe that some people are so anal retentive about winning eBay auctions. I can't believe that I'm so anal retentive about winning eBay auctions.

Gosh, now I don't really care about the other auction. I can afford to bid on it, but it's an obsolete piece of equipment to begin with. The price is only going to drop. I'll wait until I feel like spending frivolously on electronic equipment and then I'll pick one up for peanuts.

Back to Stupid Invaders -- I watched the opening sequence and a few cut scenes. It looks pretty entertaining -- better than Arfenhouse (which I was playing earlier) at any rate. I'm giving up for tonight though because I'm pretty sure I'm supposed climb up the steel-reinforced toilet paper and escape through the bathroom window, but I can't get the paper to catch on the window latch. Maybe if I had some kind of hook to attach to it. Oh, wait, I just figured out how you can combine objects... Toilet paper, plunger... so. Hey, I'm on the roof now. And Santa Claus wants my help to get out of the chimney. I have no idea whether that's just something the designers thought would be funny, or if I really need to help him out... I keep talking to him, but there are so many funny dialogue choices that I'm probably only picking the wrong ones.

Oh, uh, my day: Work: uneventful. Hanging with Ellen last night: Fun. Went to Pedro's because she had a 2-for-one coupon. Probably need to watch my girlish figure. Been doing laundry all night, washer isn't draining properly. That's pretty much it.

I swear that my next post will be more coherent and entertaining to read. Honest.

** ADDENDUM ** Apparently you're supposed to administer chemical burns to Santa Claus. Aww man, now he's a puddle in the basement. I think I like this game.
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