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Or maybe Plan 9 from Outer Space?

Yeah, so, today I'm even more tired that yesterday. Prolly because I've taken some cold medicine. It's supposed to be non-drowsy, but it usually makes me sleepy anyway, and puts me in a weird mood where I type things like "prolly." Nevertheless, I had to force my eyes open several times at work today.

I also talked to that woman at work today, and guess what? She's still engaged. When I told the coworkers who'd overheard our conversation on Friday, their response was "wow," but based on the way they said it and their facial expressions, the DVD subtitling would have read "what a slut." I don't think so. We spoke about her fiancee, and she's clearly not looking around. She's probably just friendlier (or possibly just more fully awake) than most of the people I work with, and we misinterpreted her intentions. Or something.

I hope very sincerely that she doesn't read this because now that we're talking about something that isn't my car, I'm learning that she's a very pleasant person. It's nice to have friends at work whom I don't see on a daily basis, because then we actually have things to talk about when we see each other.

(Possibly) Needless to say, I'm not terribly crushed. It's not that I set myself up to fail, but I more than half expected something like this outcome.

Anyway, yeah. We talked for some time. It helped my morning go quicker, and actually my day seemed really short, which is really odd, considering that I was so uncomfortable because I'm sick. In fact, my day was insanely productive. I'm pretty happy about that.

Nothing else really of note... I'm drained to the point that I'd like to veg in front of a movie tonight, but I can't seem to settle on one I'd like to see. Possibly The Fifth Element or The Ninth Gate. I'm big on movies with numbers in their titles (sequel numbers don't count). Maybe The Seventh Seal. Definitely not One Night at McCool's.

Oh, and I posted a new MP3 of the month on my website. It's called Lost Chances, and I feel kind of weird posting it, as it has a sort of feel-good, Hallmarky, "let's buy some stuff" feeling to it. I almost feel like it should have voiceover ("The next time you feel like buying pointy blue objects, why settle for less than the best?"). Lost Chances was going to be part of a project, but it sort of went in a different direction than I'd expected, so I let it sit for awhile. It's nice, but I don't feel like finishing it, so it ends fairly abruptly.

Incidentally, why am I doing an MP3 of the month? So that I have some motivation to actually complete at least one piece of music monthly, which shouldn't be too hard. This doesn't explain why this month's offering was last touched in October of 2002... I've actually been starting a lot of pieces recently that I haven't finished yet. Evil Jim will probably e-mail me tomorrow to ask me why I haven't posted any of my techno experiments with Soundforge. I have no answer.
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